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We can’t do without God. Yes we can’t,even though most of us don’t what to believe it, or try so hard not to believe it.

That’s the same way there’s no US without Unity.

Let me try to put it this way, my own acronym for US, U – United, and S – Stand, the same way there’s no unity without teamed-up effort as well. For two or more people to work together, certain terms must be agreed upon and of course they must have one goal and one mindset. That’s the same way there’s no Nigeria without the Igbo, Yoruba and Hausa tribes and that brings me to this question, why can’t we live and work as one???? And there can only be one apparent answer to that…TRIBALISM. That is our only hindrance, and that is the reason why we cannot stand sitting close to a Hausa man, we can’t stand an Igbo man in a high position, we can’t stand a Yoruba man speaking his language so proudly in public,we find that “embarrassing and unnecessary”, stressing the fact that English is our lingual franca and well should be spoken in public, and I ask myself what is wrong if he wants to speak his language, isn’t that why he’s a Nigerian, not ashamed of his tribe, not ashamed to be himself???

And yet,we still complain of racism…as Nicholas Ling said “ignorance is a voluntary misfortune”, therefore if we can’t deal with our ignorance and ideologies towards the treatment of our fellow Nigerians,we should never complain about White to Black racism, we should not even complain about injustice and lack of unity because it begins with ME,and YOU. It just starts with treating that Nigerian next to you nicely like a brother,like a sister,like one family.

It just takes one nice gesture,it can’t be that hard.

This is dedicated to my friend Ephis. Bless.My First Article.


Hello. Welcome to my blog. This is where I let out my anger and frustration in other not to become a nuisance to the world. So let’s say it’s a win-win. Now, we can all hold hands and sing 'kumbaya'. Thanks for visiting, and I really hope you enjoyed it. Well, it’s not like you really have much of a choice hey. Love xx.

3 thoughts on “Tribalism.

  1. Waooow!!…u rily did a gr8 job….I thought the Era of Aristotle n Socrates were long gone but u jst revived it in a way u can’t imagine…..its 9z…wish a lot of peepz wud c reason in this blog cuz I 4 1 av bin enlightened!!….thumbs up qutee….


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