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Why are Nigerians always angry?

Ever wondered why Nigerians are constantly angry? You accidentally step on someone while walking,and before you open your mouth to apologize, he has already called you a blind fool, who can’t see where he’s going.

For a second when these things happen and catch you unawares, you just stand there thinking about all the possible things that could have provocated that kind of anger channeled towards you. Sometimes in these situations,to make matters die and let it go, you keep apologizing and even accept that you’re a fool. In some situations,you are the one who should be pissed off,but they try to devise every possible means and way to prove that you were the cause of everything. I’ve heard reasons like “you were the one who made me step on you,can’t you watch were you’re headed”,and they go on and on. Can’t you just apologize first and let it go?.
I have been a victim of this several times, but I had never experienced that height of vented frustration and anger until that day. I was to leave Port-harcourt for Owerri so I was headed for the ABC bus terminal at Eliozu. I was coming from Woji Estate which is where my cousin whom I had gone to stay with lives. I was just at that YKC junction with my cousin who was also leaving that day for Enugu. I was rolling my box and struggling through the crowd. The next thing I knew,a man just pushed me and started insulting me, telling me how stupid and slow I was,how I just whacked him with my box in pidgin. I almost entered the mud as a result of his push by the way,but I was too shocked and stunned to even blink. I just said “sorry” and continued moving. He must’ve been a market tout or something but I mean,what that really worth it?
Before I finally got to the terminal, I had received about a hundred cuss words from different people. Lol. It wasn’t funny then. But my question is why are Nigerians constantly angry, what is the cause? It’s everywhere. Someone out there is just looking for the slighest reason to insult some other person out there. Even on our social networks. That of twitter and Instagram happen to be the worst. Just a picture of a celebrity posing with a Gucci bag or a mere tweet,and the insults begin. These little things make us Nigerians exciting and fun,you know. As sometimes I look forward to the yabbing just for the fun of it. I think some have to be yabbed by the way.
Sometimes i just go to Linda Ikeji’s blog to read the comments section on the most controversial gists and gossips. It literally makes my day. But don’t you think we sometimes over do it. You don’t always have to be negative about just almost everything. Sometimes, just laugh over it and tease a little. I don’t know if its frustration but no one should be that sad to the point of trying to make everyone around him/her sad too.
And again, I recently read a comment by a user on Instagram on a picture of Eniola Badmus on her wedding day and I think that was outright rude and disrespectful. I guess some people just like to be known as that person who doesn’t take nonesense from anybody and is plain blunt. But its mostly over done.
Fellow Nigerians, please try and be happy ooooo. There are no jobs,we know,no good roads, we know, no constant electricity, we know that, and we all all in the same boat and having similar experiences. Even if you’ve  completely made up your mind to be a saddist. Please don’t try to put a stop to someone else’s happiness. Thank you.

And P.S: Please apologize when you step on someone accidently,its not even funny.

“Yabbing” means to tease someone. It is most times done for fun.


Hello. Welcome to my blog. This is where I let out my anger and frustration in other not to become a nuisance to the world. So let’s say it’s a win-win. Now, we can all hold hands and sing 'kumbaya'. Thanks for visiting, and I really hope you enjoyed it. Well, it’s not like you really have much of a choice hey. Love xx.

2 thoughts on “Why are Nigerians always angry?

  1. I think that’s a rhetorical question btw….cuz we are Nigerians lol getting angry has been a trend at least we have our moments. And I also think we humans can decide not to be angry.


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