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What do you believe in? Its simple,anything that makes you happy really. I was just wandering as usual on a hot (like very hot) and boring Sunday at home and I just started putting down a list of things I believe in and things I don’t. It got so much that my brain couldn’t take anymore (DO NOT JUDGE ME!!!!),

that I had to put it down on the Notepad on my smartphone. Ahhhhh, I feee great, I feeee very fufeeeeddd. Okay. Bye.
(Exits stage)

1. I believe in God.
2. I believe in money (I can not even lie about this one,sorry).
3.I believe in the power of Skiboribo skibo skiborobo.
4. I believe in reading while listening to music.
5. I believe that writing on a computer (not a smartphone) can never give you the same feeling and satisfaction as writing in a book.
6. I believe that Jollof rice breaks every chain, and that water is the key of life
7. I believe in wood, yes wood.
8. I don’t believe in relocating to England at 20 and coming back 5 years later with a British accent,who are we deceiving?
9. I believe that knowledge is power.          10. I believe in fufu as in akpu.
11. I believe in confusion (if you’ve never be confused,you are not on the right path).
12. I believe in laughing out loud.
13. I believe in little things, am strangely attracted to the smallest size of anything at all; shoes,spoons, pots,anything. I don’t need any mental help, am fine, thanks.
14. I believe in Spongebob Squarepants.
15. I believe in technology and science.
16. I believe in hardwork.
17. I believe in good food.
18. I believe in black,shiny,metallic,leather, zagged anything.
19. I believe in painstakingly getting rid of any foam marks on bathroom walls.
20. I believe in well designed beautiful homes.
21. I don’t believe in swimming pools
22. I believe in positive procrastination, yes,that’s actually a thing. Even if it wasn’t before,I just made it a thing. ( Genius)
23. I believe in crying while watching movies.
24. I believe in creating opportunities.
25. I believe in cutting edge.
26. I believe in risks.
27. I believe in isolation for self growth and independence.
28. I believe in faith.
29. I believe that what is yours is yours.
30. I don’t believe in being an adult,such a fraud. Why can’t humans be cats and meow instead? 😐
31. No,I don’t believe in Biafra,rather I believe in the greatness of Igbo Community.
32. I believe in comfort.
33. I believe in sleeping when bored.
34. I believe in almost is never enough.
35. I don’t believe in crying when results are out. ( Who are you even doing sef?)
36. I believe that you are nothing, don’t let anyone deceive you,don’t get any ideas into your head.
37. I believe in fitfam, although am not a member yet because Eba and too much sleep would not let me progress. 😕
38. I believe in self confidence no matter how terrible things may seem.
39. I believe in Sidney Sheldon.
40. I believe that the world owes you nothing.
41. I believe in holding hands.
42. I believe in Shea butter.
43. I believe in staying hydrated.
44. I believe in sunglasses.
45. I believe in dark rooms and cool music.
46. I believe in dark lipsticks.
48. I don’t believe in wearing hair net out no matter what. Jeez,get a scarf,your own is not the worst 😯😯.
49. I don’t believe in dimming your eyes when talking to someone. Please,arrange your eyes :?:?.
50. I believe in perfection. Never mediocre.

And of course I believe in Family and Friendship.

I have so many more,but am tired already (Ohmagadd!!!!) . Plus I aim not to bore guys.



Hello. Welcome to my blog. This is where I let out my anger and frustration in other not to become a nuisance to the world. So let’s say it’s a win-win. Now, we can all hold hands and sing 'kumbaya'. Thanks for visiting, and I really hope you enjoyed it. Well, it’s not like you really have much of a choice hey. Love xx.

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