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Ugonna Unscripted: Growing up.


I know I had a fun childhood. Oh yes yes it was. Looking back at my life as a child,I’m really proud of who I turned out to be and grateful to my parents for such an amazing childhood.

It wasn’t the average childhood, watching Snow White and Cinderella,Nintendo,all those ajebo cartoons and games. I never watched any of that stuff. But I read Babysisters club books, Oscar Wilde’s stories and Shakespeare (I promise am not that serious). I still haven’t seen Snow White,I watched Cinderella later in life and the only game we had wasn’t a play station or any of that stuff. Speaking of which,my sister broke our only surviving game because she was a very sore loser. You see my sister was a game freak,don’t know if she still is because right now she’s still struggling to pass level 19 in candycrush. So,that was my childhood game story. The only things I watched on TV were Barney and friends,and that one which had Miss Bo-bo,Big boy and the rest,I don’t really remember the name. Mind your language,Super Story,Fuji House of commotion,Papa Ajasco and friends,Binta and friends,and all the RSTV shows I could remember . And ofcourse Michael Jackson CD’s,so we can say we spent less time in front of the TV and more time outdoors.

Yes,we built castles with sand,dug our feet into the sand,cooked soup with leaves and other delicacies. We actually tested them sometimes. It got so serious once in my maternal home that I was sent to bring kerosene from the kitchen and then I spilt half of it. I almost received the beating of my life that day,but you know how all your aunties and cousins are around,so they just scolded me and pleaded on my behalf. I was like 9 or 10 years then.

I remember when my Dad finally bought the cable,that had Mnet,Boomerang and few other channels. It was no DSTV but I was excited to finally join the cartoon watchers crew. So after we got it and starting watching some shows them,I would also try to begin a conversation about what I watched the previous day in class then. Before then,I was usually silent when they discussed cartoons,my voice would only be heard when it was Super Story time. Thursdays by 8pm on NTA,never to be missed. So let’s say I felt a bit more among,even though most of the kids shows I watched then were old,and most of my classmates would always say that they didn’t watch them anymore. As if to say it didn’t “reign” anymore for them. I didn’t feel sad though,I still felt proud of what we had. I was the best in my class then(not to boast,it was just primary school yo!)but it was still something so whether I was in in vogue, or ancient changed nothing.

My dad bought newspapers every single day. Two or three usually,so let’s say that’s when I started reading. Whenever he came back with them,all of us would scramble for them,and quarrel because we all wanted to read them first. In the next 30mins,it would be lying somewhere on a table,abandoned. We still do that now though. Although the newspapers are less now. Meanwhile, we have over 200 newspapers than need to be discarded,we occassionally throw them away because it’s all over my house,or we just use it to wrap ugu and other vegetables.

We hand-sowed clothes for our teddies and dolls,made beads,made dye(that was for an assignment in school though) but the thought of going to the bush to look for leaves was exciting. We summersaulted,tried cheerleading steps while my dad aided us by holding our backs,danced,imagined we were Destiny kids, the Joy,Joy,Joy kids. We even composed our own songs. I was the native doctor too so if you had any ailment of any kind,come unto mama,I had this book full of natural ways of treatment. I treasured that book, I don’t even how it finally got missing. Maybe haters in the house got tired of seeing me carrying it around and studying it, and got rid of it. I was also the aspiring model so I catwalked with books on my head(I was like 8 years then). I was the dancer too,that was after my elder sister passed out after dancing for long at a children’s birthday party,and after that day she lost touch with dancing (she doesn’t dance like a mosquito now though,you didn’t hear than from me,just incase). So I took over the dancing,I think I’ve lost touch already,my junior sister is definetely taking over.

I know you’re already tired and dizzy already,so am I. When inspiration comes,we have no choice but to flow with the moment. So this is a glimpse of my childhood. I was young in my mind and advanced in life. I knew too much for my age,and enough to make a child too.

It was fun,exciting,energetic,playful and really prepared me for the teenage and adult life. Now this is Ugonna Unscripted.

Guys,I promise never to write such a long article again. Really,am sorry in arreas.

I love you all. Really. Am in tears right now. Okay bye!


Hello. Welcome to my blog. This is where I let out my anger and frustration in other not to become a nuisance to the world. So let’s say it’s a win-win. Now, we can all hold hands and sing 'kumbaya'. Thanks for visiting, and I really hope you enjoyed it. Well, it’s not like you really have much of a choice hey. Love xx.

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