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Always,not Forever.


Hey beautiful people,and welcome to another day full of sunshine and rainfall. You see what I did there.

Anyways,for those who have seen the Hollywood movie “The fault in our stars”, I’m sure you can remember Isaac, Augustus Walters (Ansel Elgort)’s bestfriend who had eye cancer and his girlfriend whom later left him.

They always said “always” whenever they were together. He was so broken when she broke up with him before his eye surgery which was to  make him totally blind. All he could say was “what happened to the ALWAYS we said when we were together”. He was torn, I must say.

This is one of my favourite movies of all time. It’s so sad and just so nice and cool and the same time. Movies that make me cry are usually my favourite. And this one definetely made me cry especially when Augustus died, Hazel-Grace was broken. I cried too like it was too real. Hahaha. So this movie also inspired me to write about the reasons why I believe that Always is better that Forever. Even though that didn’t work for Isaac. Augustus and Hazel-Grace were always there for each other at every thing point till death. They couldn’t be together forever,but the moments they had together was all that mattered.

So I made a few sentences about what Hazel-Grace would have also loved to tell Augustus before he died. He knew she was there for him, but this is just me trying to get into her head.


To Augustus,

Always, because I need you almost at every point. We might not be together forever but we would always be there for each other.

Always, because I want to live in the moment with you. When am with you,then is all that matters. Because us is everything.

Always, because I might not have this moment with you forever,till eternity. Because the future is unforseen. But knowing that I can count on you when it matters,in all those little moments is what makes my world spin and my eyes smile.

Always, because I want to know I can count on you. I want to know you’re there,that you are reliable. I want to know that you will always support me. 

Always, because I want to trust you. Because,I need you to be my backup. And I,yours.

Always, because I care about you and I want you to be happy.

Always, because sometimes friendship is better than love, because love is what people want and friendship is what people need.

Always, because I need you to know that we might not always be forever. But as long as am still here. Always with you is all that matters.

Always,because almost is never enough. 

With you,I choose Always not Forever.


Shailene Woodley,Hazel-Grace Lancaster.
Ansel Elgort, Augustus Walters.
Nat Wolff,Isaac.

Ciao!!!!!And I love you guys for reading. My love is actually that cheap. Lol.


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