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I like to think of myself as awesome, wonderfully and beautifully made.

Perfect and complete, without blemish.
Oh yes yes, I still do.
I just learnt yesterday that loneliness can never be satisfied even if you’re married and brethren let’s say I felt betrayed. I mean I thought marriage was all and all. I thought it was that getaway of constant affection, love and romance. But when I heard this from already married couples, I just released that human needs were indeed insatiable, and you just never win.

On that note, I decided to take a break from the single and searching market. All these daily on fleekiness from my hair, to my full blown makeup with contour and highlight,all popping and slayage and still no bae. Please, I give up. A girl just wants to be happy and explore life for a while. I mean, I’m getting close to that age where I should be sleeping on the Shiloh ground but for now, am still in the “your husband with find you” prayer-list. But am fine guys.

To even make matters worse and even justify my cause and mission, I found this on Twitter.


I was like Yas!!!. I am a god now. Right now all I need is self-love and my life is perfect. Mani’s, pedi’s, vacations, shopping for whatever I admire (and can afford), wearing whatever I want,doing whatever makes me happy and of course good food. Those meals that give you mouth orgasms, those meals so beautiful, you feel like you would hurt them by taking a bite. So today, I decided to take myself out on a lunch date, which is now like my latest thing considering since am giving the SAS (single and searching) plan a break.

I walked into this really nice restaurant. It’s new so I decided hey why not give it a try. New stuff huh? I walked in there, it wasn’t exactly empty but it wasn’t filled up either. I wore a bright coloured dress so lets say I drew attention when I walked in. I took a seat and waited for a waiter to come up to my table and take my order.
That was the moment that our eyes met. That moment when my eyes were randomly looking around, almost impatient. But then I found you, and I even grew more impatient. I needed you there and now, no two ways about it. I’ve always been the one-time decision maker. No going back, but today I think I’ve lost all manner of reservation and etiquette in me.

Some say there is no love at first sight , but they lied. They lied. I am in love right now, I don’t just think so. Am sure. I want to wake up to you right next to me, and bring my lips close to yours. I think I would be needing you a lot,a whole lot. What is this single life?
I need you when am very sad, when all my friends have bailed on me and given up on me. I need you when my annoying aunties come to remind me that my time is passing, but I can’t even feel miserable anymore because I have you now. But I think there’s just going to be one problem. Our love would have to remain a secret. I don’t want to have to drag you with my friends, because I know that once they spot you, they’ll all want you. That’s one terrible thing about having friends that have the same taste in guys as you. Who am I kidding anyway? You are probably every girls’ kind of guy.

You just sat there all alone looking so lonely and  beautiful. Eyes searching for some sort of care and direction.

I could feel a sharp pang in my chest as I watched her take charge of you like she owned you. What insolence, I thought to myself, you were mine and no one was going to take you away from me. Not even her.

I’m not closing the book this time. I’m fighting for this love.


I sat on my table alone enjoying my long fantasy ride to tomorrow-land, and didn’t even notice that the waitress had been standing right in front of me for a couple of minutes. “What would you want, Ma?”, she asked impatiently. I wouldn’t blame her though, she has probably never fallen in love at first sight.


“I would like to take that beautiful man over there and please tell him am in love with him too”, I replied as I pointed to his table. “You mean the jollof rice ma” she said in between stifled giggles. “Yes, please”. I replied. If I can’t have you today, no one can and will. I love you Jollof rice. You are the only bae, and always will be. No one can take your place, not even fried rice and the other rice kini (I just used this word I said I hated). Ofada rice can try shaa, but you are my hero.


It’s just us against the world. Always and Forever.


This post was inspired by the love of jollof rice and in appreciation of how much it has brought life joy into our lives. And also by Daya’s Back to me. Which you could download here. I noticed that most of you enjoyed the song I shared the last time. So hey, another one (in DJ Khaled’s voice)

Till next time, ciao!!!!!. I love you guys for reading, commenting, liking, sharing and everything. You could send me your love letters too via my email: or Facebook: Ugonna Eronini.
Others: Below.


Hello. Welcome to my blog. This is where I let out my anger and frustration in other not to become a nuisance to the world. So let’s say it’s a win-win. Now, we can all hold hands and sing 'kumbaya'. Thanks for visiting, and I really hope you enjoyed it. Well, it’s not like you really have much of a choice hey. Love xx.


  1. I disagree. This is suicide but, fried rice is the best. I’m that friend that won’t have to snatch your ‘bae’ lol.
    Nice post. And I love the ssy the blog looks now. Haven’t visited in a while


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