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My First Ever Win!!! How you could win yours NOW.

Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, and  yes. Assuming one yes meant 1,000 naira, that’s how much money I got from participating in the EMILINKS Door Story competition.


I’m usually sceptical about competing in online competitions because I feel like I might not be good enough. Forgive me, but hey I feel a little bit “oppressed” by the idea of a competition, that’s because I tend to let intimidation get into my head, and so that’s why most times I don’t even bother competing.
There are so many times I’ve tried writing competitions, I type in the title on my phone “memo” or in a book, and click the “start” button in my brain but nothing comes up. Blank!. I’m usually blank. I think I let my mind and worries, about creating something exceptional enough for the win get to me sometimes.
This time for once, I took that chance. And this time I won.
I stumbled upon this competition on my Twitter on Bellanaija page. I kept seeing the tweets leading to the link of the daily winners. So you  can see, it isn’t just Twitter. So I decided to open it up, I read up the rules, and that night on my bed, still scared of trying it out for fear of not being chosen, but I decided to conquer my fears, and it just flowed like the rivers of water. Amen somebody!!. Lol.

The next day after school, I went to my friend’s hostel/lodge to take the picture for the door story in front of her door. You see my own door is just iron, it’s alright, but not that cute. I needed something nicer.

As stressed as I was, I still managed to get a reasonable picture, I didn’t really care what I looked like anyways my mind was on the prize money. I posted it later that day in the evening on Instagram. I really needed the cash so hey I kept praying that I win. I went for this all night music concert titled Worship Night 4 by the Redeemed Christian Fellowship of my school’s chapter. I was lit, litter, littest. Steve Crown and other men of God ministered and it was like heaven was on earth. I got back in the morning, did some stuff, and still had to meet up with my 10am class that Saturday , which later didn’t hold. The thought of it still annoys me. So I had less than 2 hours of sleep in 24 hours. Moving on, the next day, still anxious on what to expect, I checked online for the list of previous day winners. I scrolled, down, down in like milliseconds, waiting to see my picture and voila!!! I was the 10th winner. So close. I was really excited that for once it was worth it. This is my first writing gig or anything that has paid me.  I feel more confident, motivated and like I can take on anything right now.

You too could participate, all You have to do is.

1.Take a clear photo of yourself featuring a beautiful door of your choice
2. Share a story about doors and their importance in your life and/or the society
3. We are looking out for creative, interesting, inspiring, intellectual and funny stories!
4. Creatively linking in the Emilinks brand will be a plus. The key word is CREATIVE.
5. Submit your entry via Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or
6. For entries on BN, simply leave a comment on the post of the day. e.g Day 1

Remember to add the hashtags #Emilinks and #MyDoorStory to your post on social media or comment on BN.
Unfortunately, we cannot view social media entries via private accounts and DMs will not be accepted.

10 winners will be selected daily to win N10,000.

Enter each day!

That easy hey!! So go on now, start writing, get your stories together. It’s not that hard, you don’t need to be a Sidney Sheldon. Definitely not. But you could try though. Nah, I’m just kidding. Express yourself, thoughts on a beautiful door or a door you like, like it’s your favourite food. Say anything. So guys, keep it fun, CREATIVE,and interesting. Don’t forget to tag @bellanaijaonline if you’re using instagram or Twitter.
Tomorrow would be just the 8th day.


This was My Door Story. ENJOY.

My friends sometimes call me “madam doubting Thomas”.  Maybe it’s because I’m always one to doubt anything they say until I see it happen with my eyes. So you can am a difficult person to advertise or market your product to. That’s because I would find every possible way to counter all your strategies.

I don’t know if it’s a good thing or not. But I think I became this way as a result of failing prey to products which promised to be efficient but ended up disappointing me along the way.

Last week, I finally got the keys to my own apartment and I must say I was really overjoyed. Now, to the tasking part; the fixtures. I’ve always been very security conscious, maybe a little bit paranoid, so I wanted the best available secure items, and of course my door happened to be the one which I had the most concern about.
I can be a bit irritating and exasperating at times, so I asked countless questions about the quality of the door before I finally took the apartment. They assured me of its quality mentioned that it was from EMILINKS which made trusted and reliable doors, I of course took to research and decided to observe it myself. As the “madam doubting thomas” I am.
I must say I surprised myself as I have been telling my friends to change their doors to EMILINKS because it was the best. No scratches during the movement of the fixtures into the house, it’s very strong and can’t be easily swayed by the wind, it’s locks are world-class and I can say it’s impossible to break into my house at the moment, unless you have my keys, and even if you do,you’d always have to figure out the pattern to unlock it. And to crown it all, it’s so beautiful, the prefect description of the first thing I’d like my visitors to see before they enter into my house. Its different and it just stands out.

So today, wherever you are and you haven’t gotten your EMILINKS door, I must say you are on a “long thing”. Since EMILINKS stepped into my life, I ceased being the “madam doubting thomas” my friends call me, and became “madam EMILINKS”
#Emilinks #MyDoorStory

Ciao!!!!! And keep spreading the love. Love xx.


Hello. Welcome to my blog. This is where I let out my anger and frustration in other not to become a nuisance to the world. So let’s say it’s a win-win. Now, we can all hold hands and sing 'kumbaya'. Thanks for visiting, and I really hope you enjoyed it. Well, it’s not like you really have much of a choice hey. Love xx.

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