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Annoying Phone Call Peeves

“You’ve forgotten me now”.

This has to be the most used cliche word during phone calls or after meeting up with that old friend of yours, after a while.


Ladies, gentlemen, in-between’s, gods and mini-gods, protectors of the realm,  my fellow brethren please STOP IT.
It is not cool, I don’t know about you but it cuts the vibe for me. Dude, babe, if we’re just seeing after a while, nothing stops you from exchanging the normal pleasantries of “hello’s, hi’s, what’s up’s,how far’s, and oh hey, it’s been a while”.
It’s been a while is way better, because it is actually the truth.

Some reasons why that close friend of yours isn’t so close anymore.

1. Humans need to grow, and sometimes that requires space. I’m sorry if you are offended but some of you are a nuisance to other people’s lives. If you are not bringing any positivity or work into making a person grow, don’t be offended if you are cut off. Sometimes it is actually on purpose, you need to know when and if you are needed in a person’s life as a friend or are you just that person that’s there to pester with the everyday “what’s up now?” questions. My head is up. Brother, sister, no one needs your stress, please bye.

2. Again. People grow apart. Usually as a result of the different orientations or socialization the people whom used to be “your friends” got, that made you people part naturally. Yes, naturally. It happens with ease. That moment when you realize that your interests, plans, dreams, mindsets and beliefs are no longer the same with your friends’. You both now reason completely differently and as such, no connection anymore. Somehow, you see yourselves growing apart, and diverting. That’s why sometimes we see people we used to roll with, and they are just different now. You keep asking yourself what the connection was with you both, because woah, they are in another world altogether.

3. Connection: Contacts lost, addresses changed, changed school, somehow you lost means of communication. In some occasions though, when you make extra effort, you will find your friends again. Maybe from somebody who knows somebody that knows them, or even a much longer chain. Except for those that just decide to disappear from the planet, for a while. How do you guys do it? gods.

Below is a meme thread showing my expressions when I hear any of those annoying phone calls pet peeves.

1. “I was just strolling through my contacts, saw your number and decided to call”,


You’ve already called. No need to explain.

2. “I just realized that it’s been awhile”.


So you’re just realizing…which means, means that you don’t care enough about me *sniffs*

3. “You’ve forgotten me now”…when they call me.


Wawu. Is that how you used to do?

4. When they say “you’ve forgotten me now”, when I call them.


And I’m calling you with my airtime. Its…its, its like your head is paining you.

5. “So you can’t even call to check up on me”.


What a suprising! Because my name is Checkers Checkerson.

6. “So you don’t have my number anymore”


Hactually, I deleted it. Comman beat me.

7. “So you’re still alive?”.


Na so you take hate me reach, but sorry, amoshine when amoshine.

8. “You know you’re so amazing, and I would always try to keep up with you no matter the distance”.


Oshey baddest.

9. “I miss you shaa”, from people you know should miss you.


Aww. Stopeeett.

10. “When are we seeing now?” – someone who is adding no value to your life.


11. When you try to be the nice one and make the call, and the other party is like “nawa o, you don’t even call somebody at all, I’m always the one calling”.

I’m like:


Who sent me?

El oh El.

I hope you all had a nice read today. So my beautiful viewers and visitors of IMFY, those times you want to make that call, just make the call, exchange pleasantries, ask how the person is fairing and all. These things mentioned above are nauseating to be honest. Just make the call, and move on.

Don’t count how many times you have called and he/she hasn’t. It’s not a competition. I called you the last time, blah blah blah. Just make the damn call!!!!!!.

And try not to be over-bearing by calling too much. Don’t be that person that people get irritated when they see your call. Although, sometimes you can’t really tell. But then, just keep it cool. If you guys are “vibing” well then cool, if not, don’t force it.

Personally, I don’t like when people call me more than once a week to “check how I’m doing”. I’m alive, thanks. If you don’t have any info that might be of interest to me, or need my help, don’t call four times a week to check how I’m doing. Like now I am always sleeping, hafa nah?.


Love xx.



Hello. Welcome to my blog. This is where I let out my anger and frustration in other not to become a nuisance to the world. So let’s say it’s a win-win. Now, we can all hold hands and sing 'kumbaya'. Thanks for visiting, and I really hope you enjoyed it. Well, it’s not like you really have much of a choice hey. Love xx.

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