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Day 2: What Technology Are You Grateful For? 

Hello beautiful people of IMFY. Cool name huh? This is Day 2 of my 30 days of Gratitude and below I would be sharing the technology that I’m soooooo grateful for. But before I do,  a short quote or words for thought, or words of wisdom (whichever works for you).

What’s the point trying to impress everyone? When we could express all our love and awesomeness to just one person, and become a god to him.

Because, sometimes one is more than world. One means more than the world, more than anyone could understand, one becomes your unending abyss of love and everlasting bliss, solitude, happiness, sanity, strength, peace, hope, faith, and late nights by the fire sipping white wine and staring into each other’s eyes.

One is what we all need. Just one. And then we all somehow become gods.

Now to my gratitude.

Day 2: What Technology Are You Grateful For?

I’m most grateful for the internet and all that came of it. For smartphones and the beauty of its mobility and it’s ability to do so much; capture moments, sounds, write your thoughts, instantly share your beautiful story and moments, listen to that voice that makes you smile a little wider and laugh a little louder. For social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, applications & softwares like YouTube, Soundcloud, Tumblr, VSCOcam, WordPress of course, Quora, they are just so much.

And of course electricity, what would our lives have been without electricity, watching TV, sleeping with the fan on, charging your appliances…oh, the peace that comes with charging your phone when it was just about to die. Sigh.

Above all, almost all technology to be honest. Hi-Tech gadgets, applications, softwares, the media.

What Technology Are You Grateful For Today???

Leave a Comment telling me what it is. Thanks for reading. Ciao!

Inspired by Jhene Aiko & Big Sean’s London Bridge.

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Love xx.



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