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Day 5: What Sound Are You Grateful For?

Hey guys. It’s my 5th day of my 30 day of gratitude, and I would be sharing what sound I am so grateful for.Yas!!!

But before then, a little something.

The best lessons to be learnt as a human are those we’ve taught ourselves as a result of our experiences.

Another apology on how  inconsistent I’ve been with my 30 days of Gratitude. I should probably just wrap it up all in one day.

Anyways, today I would be sharing the sounds that I am very grateful for. 

I recently downloaded a musician’s full album for the first time in my life. Seriously no matter how much I love you as a musician, I can never download your full album, I feel like I would get disappointed. You know, after listening to 2 or 3 songs on the album and you think the rest would be lit too, then you get the whole album and the rest of the songs there are just bleh.

But that has changed now, as I have Justin Bieber’s last album, Jhene Aiko, Magic, Post Malone and some others, gotten from my friends.

But the first album I personally downloaded is…drumrolls….A Seat At The Table by Solange Knowles, Beyonce’s sister, the fun weird dresser. And OMG, I love very single track, like it is so hard to pick my favourite.

Her music is different. It’s not loud, it’s soothing yet energizing, it’s calm, it’s easy, it has a message about black culture and history and just a whole lot of things to inspire and motivate you.

Honestly, I never expected it to be this awesome as I’ve never listened to any of her songs in the past. So right I am so grateful for beautiful uplifting music, birds chipping, voices of my parents and siblings, sounds made from laughter, sound of the ceiling fan rotating, the voice-over that says “Welcome to the United States Of America” when I eventually go there I would raise my hands in the air and say “I am in America, the land of the free and oppressed”, in a quirky accent like Johnny Depp in Mortdecai.

Just any sound in general that is a start of a new chapter, beginning of one that just lifts up your mood.

So this is it, I know its so long but please forgive. I was carried away. So okeh bye, and please don’t forget to like my post on Facebook concerning Emilinks doors, we gatta win this. Ugonna Eronini- Facebook.

As usual, I love you for taking out time to see what I have to rant and babble about.

Love xx 💗💗💗

Download A Seat At The Table By Solange; Full Album (124 MB). Worth it.


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