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How I Flush It All Out.

Hey guys. So on Sunday, I started my 30 days water challenge which means that I would not take any liquid besides water, asides fresh fruit juices though. So no wines, juices, zobo, minerals, alcohol…nada!!!!. I am actually a very health-conscious person so I try to eat healthy as often as I can. Although that’s not easy. Trust me, it’s not. Especially if you’re a foodie. Like I am one with food. I know some people might not believe this because am slim, but I think that the reason is because my system has a fast metabolism,which means that my meals digest fast and easily. So there is hardly any fat left to be stored.
My fourth day on the water challenge and trust me it’s been so easy. Challenge ni, challenge ko. It just seems like a normal routine to me, as I drink lots of warm water often. And for some reason, these few days I have begun to see minerals as some sort of poison to my system. Lol. It helps me not to want or crave them.

Anyways, to my detox process. It’s actually so easy and cheap.

Items: Lemon, Apple, Ginger.

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Items needed for the detox

These items are not expensive and that’s amazing which means that we get to have healthy systems without breaking the bank. I bought 4 lemons for 150 naira, sometimes I get 5 or 6 for 100 naira. You could also use the yellow lemons found in the malls. An Apple costs 60 naira, you could use 2 if you want to make it sweeter. Small 5 or 6 pieces of ginger costs 50 naira. So you see, so cheap hey.


  1. Cut your Apple and Ginger into small sizes, you could dice them too.
  2. Blend them with little quantity of clean water. Just enough to form a paste.
  3. Pour into a cup.
  4. Open up your lemon and squeeze the juice into the cup carefully not to allow the seeds get into the mix. Or you could do this in a separate cup and add to the mix.
  5. Voila!!!! You’re done.
  6. You could add a little money to sweeten it. To sweeten mine today I used banana which I blended.
Blending the Apple and Ginger.
Finished Drink

Benefits of the items used for the detox.

  1. Lemon: These are a great source of Vitamin C which is an essential nutrient that protects the body against immune system deficiencies. Also contains pectin fibre which is a powerful antibacterial. It also aids in the treatment of throat infections, indigestion, constipation, fever and generally cleanses and flushes out harmful toxins in the body.
  2. Apple: These are rich in anti-oxidants and dietary fiber and may help reduce the risk of cancer, hypertension, diabetes and heart disease. Also used to reduce belly fat.
  3. Ginger: This is anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant. It can help heal nausea, reduce muscle pain and soreness, lowers blood sugar and heart disease risk, treats indigestion, lower cholesterol levels, reduce constipation, may help prevent cancer, improve brain function, and fights against infections.
  4. Bananas: Aids in digestion, removes toxins and heavy metals from the body, may help prevent kidney cancer, control blood sugar levels, improves the brain (makes you smarter 😊), reduces weight loss, strengthens the blood, helps in the production of white blood cells, relieves stomach ulcers, protects the eye against oracular degeneration. An anti-oxidant so it provides protection from chronic diseases.

You can begin your 30 day water challenge today. Its never too late. And don’t forget to flush it all out and save yourself the stress which comes with having a low immune system. Strengthen your body, so it can fight for you. So that eventually your body can sing ” I can be your Hero baby” by Enrique when fighting for you 😂😂😂😂.

That would be cute.

Remember to always keep flushing all the craopout and stay healthy.

An Apple a day keeps the Doctor away and saves you money.

Love xx ❤❤


Hello. Welcome to my blog. This is where I let out my anger and frustration in other not to become a nuisance to the world. So let’s say it’s a win-win. Now, we can all hold hands and sing 'kumbaya'. Thanks for visiting, and I really hope you enjoyed it. Well, it’s not like you really have much of a choice hey. Love xx.

6 thoughts on “How I Flush It All Out.

  1. I’m giving this a try asap 😊 And I’ve been doing the water challenge. This should be my third month. It’s really helped me. I feel less bloated. My skin looks so clear. There’s less acne and pimples on my face. You guys should try it out. Trust me, water is really important and helpful too. 👏🏼


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