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My Top 12 Nigerian Songs Of The Moment

Hi, hi, hi guys and girls, and women and men, and children, toddlers. Hey there!

Today I would be doing something different. RecentIy I have been feeling some Naija songs and have been constantly jamming to them, so today I decided to share some of these songs. Anyone who knows me or lives with me knows how much I over-play new songs till I start to hate them. Not really hate hate them. More like they start to irritate my ears.

Some of them are really popular songs almost everyone knows, and is often heard on the streets. While some are not so popular, but really good stuff.

So I would be doing it in a descending manner i.e least favourite to my most favourite. Leggo!

  1.  NAKED – BRYMO FT ESSE:   This is from his (Brymo) latest album  Klitoris. It is soft, steamy and cozy just like Brymo’s voice. I absolutely love this one. Best Part: And it would be worth it, your love I don’t deserve it….take all I  have please, love me, leave me naked. Am guessing he is somehow begging to be loved. He talked about carrying a cross that wasnt his, fighting a war…and about someone who was the only one who knew him. Overall, it’s a lovely, quiet song which says a lot if you listen to the lyrics closely.
  2. IDICHE – SAMMIE GRAVANO PROD. BY MAJOR BANGZ: Idiche in Igbo means ‘you are different’. Well the song explains how a certain girl is different, she doesn’t care what is in his pocket, and so on. It’s a really nice song and I absolutely love it. It’s not too loud, just at the right tempo for me. Best Part: Na the way you dey carry me go, you dey make me want to boogie all night.
  3. SKINTIGHT –  MR. EAZI FT. EFYA: Everybody loves Mr. Eazi. Evertbody wants Mr. Eazi. and we all want that sweet, sultry voice from Efya. This song is a beautiful combination of both. It talks about never disappointing or letting you go if you give  him your heart. We are not about to take that chance though, we’re good thanks. Lol. Anyways it’s a nice jam. Best Part: Ohhh my baby o, oohh sweetie o. The sharp cut just gets me man. Love it.
  4. CONTROLLA – DRAKE FT. SIMI ( COVER): Simi’s voice already is angelic and so sweet so in this cover or remix, she spiced the whole thing up and its just everything goals in song remixes and covers. I actually prefer this to the main song by Drake. Simi got my heart with this. Best Part: If you want I can dance for you.
  5. NOT MY BABY – TOMI THOMAS FT. SANTI: Lovely voice here and the beat is like everything. The beat is awesome. Lol. Very accurate. you should download this. It is nice. I wish I could do a little break dance to this song, but i fitn’t. Best Part: Picture that, picture that, picture that, picture me when am leaving.
  6. PANA – TEKNO: I know we’ve all been waiting for Folake to give us love, and make us go to church. Lol. Imagine. Well, in Tekno’s latest video on the gram, he said he went into music for the passion but passion “egbuo gi”, and that he is in music for money and girls so you can understand when that’s all he sings about. And the tongues he was speaking there making it the kind of anointing Mr. Eazi talked about. The video is wack though. This is a very nice song for celebration of love like weddings, and generally just gives you feelings looking for whom to give your love to. Best Part: Love is a wonderful thing, girl you dey cool my temper. Gives me feels.
  7. PREE ME – BURNA BOY: I started listening  to Burna Boy in 2013, and although I don’t have his album or much of his songs, he is one of Nigeria’s best. His vocals are unique and different, his music is exceptional, his lyrics are well written. In this song, he talks about fake friends , and never having to change a thing about his life if he had a chance. personally, I don’t understand what pree me means but I think it means “free me” or something. That is to his enemies or haters or anything. So yes, lovely song. Best Part: Lately I’ve been on my toes.
  8. OHEEMA – MR. EAZI PROD. BY DJ SPINALL: I already know DJ Spinall as one that does amazing beats, he is insanely good. So the combo of Mr. Eazi and Spinall is perfect. Even though personally, I have no idea what “gajalobe” or something means. Obviously it should mean the ass or something, but well. Lol. I like the beat. and I already like both the artist and producer yay. It reminds me of important memories. Best Part:  Baby this your matter…
  9. IF I FALL – PRAIZ: Our now rich and famous super vocalist killed this one as usual. Like not just literally killed it, but actually killed it. It’s a love song as expected and here he’s asking what he should do if he falls in love with “you”, which am guessing should be a lady, if she would love him too. I loooooooooovveeeeeeee this song. Every part of it. Praiz has a way of tearing up eyes to be honest. Best Part: I love youuuuuu, I need you, make my dreams come through.
  10. BAD – TIWA SAVAGE FT. WIZKID: Tiwa was so pretty in this video. I know she always looks pretty but she had this glow in this video, while wizzy baby looked well “wizzy baby-ish”, more like her little brother, no shade. I have no idea what the yoruba words meant but yoruba has its own way of spicing up songs. Here, they both talked about being BADDER THAN BAD, reminds me of “I go harder than hard, way harder than hard”(I don’t know who sang this though). This song puts me in a”don’t mess with me” mood. Even though every time I try to do the dab, I look like an epic failure. Best Part: You can’t talk about my hustle, you make money, I make double.
  11. DURO – TEKNO:  It’s still so sad that no one has ever sang this song to me, but I will live. All you unromantic fellows around me!!!!!!!!! its well. This song might never get old for me. Whenever I listen to it, am always happy. Best Part: I love you baby, I no think am twice o…say you must marry me…baby kpalanga….So tekno is officially the king of rubbish lyrics but who cares, me sef if they tell me to kpalanga, I will kpalamga shaa, (what does kpalanga mean though?) Lol. I love  love the song. Still so sad again, that at the end he didn’t call my name to dance. Just Oluchi, Nneka, Chioma and Aisha…its not fair.
  12. GENTLEMAN – RIC HASSANI: Hi guys, I think i just found a husband. No, am quite sure of this. With that voice, those beards, the entire outfit. I am sorry, but I kent anymore. He is just too breath-taking. Oya, Ugonna it don do. I’ve been playing this song for days now that my sister now hates me. Lol. Here, he is telling all the ladies, no, sorry me alone that I deserve a gentleman which happens to be him. See how cute that is. Aww. Fate brought us together. Okay. It’s a lovely song, and he is a fine boy too so another reason to listen to it. The video is amaze-balls. too apt, and clear.

Not to exaggerate this but this song is wow wow wow wow. I totally sound like a siren now.

Download here.

Best Part: The entire song.

Am done. Finally. I enjoyed doing this. Its a whole lot, but am glad I shared this. Share your thoughts below and you could suggest some songs for me. As I went through my playlist today, I realized that about 15% of my playlist or less are Nigerian songs. They are so few. Not that am complaining, or am not supporting the Nigerian brand, but am not much of a loud music person,which is what most Nigerian music are about. So I’d rather stick with the few not-so- loud ones I have.

Thanks for reading.

Love xx


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3 thoughts on “My Top 12 Nigerian Songs Of The Moment

  1. Amazing.
    Very persuasive.
    Now she is going to artistically force down her playlist on her already tantalized readers.


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