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Hello beautiful people of IMFY. Hope you all are having a blast, and you know just having fun with your lives. And if you are not, you had better change that because the world waits for no one and there is not perfect time in life where your happiness is bound to come. You create your happiness. You create your world.

Today is slangs day. So first lets define slangs, let’s go all the way down. Slangs are words used informal and usually understand by a particular group of people. They are formed in different ways; from a joke, from a nick-name, from a weird or funny event/occurrence. But however, these are words which ordinarily are not correct, but then that is why they are slangs. You wouldn’t see me speaking official, formal English with my friends, especially those friends i have known for quite a while. We all use slangs. I mean, as a Nigerian its so hard not to. In almost every sentence said as a Nigerian, there must be a slang, unless you don’t want to get anything  done.

I attended an all girls secondary school (F.G.G.C Owerri), and every one who knows Feddy students know that we are one with slangs. Lol. This is a proven fact. We are so popular for it, that some of the our slangs are used in the outside world by people who never attended my school. Men, women…its amazingly funny. Trust me.

So, I would be listing some of the slangs I know and use. Usually with my Sisters at home, as I try my best not to say them in public. I feel like its not entirely good to get so used to slangs that you can even make a complete sentence without using the slang. Am sorry but that’s dumb. It should be used only on or to people  who understand and vibe with it well.

  1. TECH/TEK: This has to be the most popular slang originated by Feddy students. Almost everyone in Owerri town knows the meaning of this slang, and the second you tell anyone in town that you attended F.G.G.C Owerri, the first thing they start saying is out slangs. This means to be cool, fresh, hot cake, to be babe, or a correct guy. In other words, dripping from excess swaggu. So when someone says you are tech and you call someone tek, it means that your think the person is “on-point”. tech2ftek-default
  2. SECA: To be Seca, means to be an ajebo, used to describe a guy or lady who does ajebo things, and is usually neat. It is sometimes used to mock some though, those who act seca but are not really Seca. I had a classmate in secondary school whom we called Seca, that nickname has stuck till now.     seca-default


  1. DOLO: This one dey pain oo. A dolo means a dunce, not smart, some one who acts slow and silly. So, even when I do something stupid sometimes, I call myself a dolo. Back in secondary school, this insult dey pain pass pepper. Now, you know why.dolo-default
  2. LOGBO: A slow person, who doesn’t react first. These type of people are often the type to be punished even when they were innocent, the type to always have their items seized because they weren’t sharp enough, the type to always be the scape-goat. They do everything slowly, and are well always unfortunate.logbo-default
  3. MAGGOTIZING: From the name, you can tell it is related to a maggot. Which is disgusting. So when someone says you’re maggotizing, my friend you are disgusting and gross. You do nasty stuff. You are dirty and careless.maggotizing-default

                                             TO THE VERBS WHICH ARE TOO EXTRA.

  1. WOGHE: Woghe means everything. It means stuff, and every-other verb. You say woghe when you forget the right word to use to describe the action to be taken, usually if it is too complex. Also used to explain something you are not-so-confident to say like uhmmm…kiss or sex. Woghe is too large. Wogheva that bed (arrange that bed), it was so woghevad (it was so somehow), Aunty, it woghevad (Aunty, it got spoilt or got messed up),I sen you on an errand, and you were busy woghevering (I sent you on an errand, and you were busy doing something else to avoid doing it) they were woghevering (doing stuffs,could be anything). So, wogheva or woghe means anything depending on the situation or context. I think it originated from whatever. woghe-default
  2. GBALLOW: This means to eat. Mustn’t always be food though. For instance, if you sabotage your class or friends or generally do something which annoys someone or a group of people, they will wash you with words, which means to gballow you raw. Even your closest friends can gballow you when you do something really annoying. At that point, you coulf feel like crying, when the whole class is against you. Shouting and throwing insults at ypu. It is nothing serious though. Its just for you to know you were wrong. You get used to it easily, the whole point of gballowing was for you to see your wrong, and change.gballow-default


This was soooooooooooooo interesting to write. Trust me, I had fun because I had always wanted to do this. In order not to avoid world war 3 and to let peace reign, I didn’t share alot of our slangs. For security pyrposes. Lol. So that it is not when someone uses Dolo on you, you start carrying grudge because Ugonna told you the meaning. As for me, I don’t know you shaa.


Please, please, share your own slangs with me. I would really love to know. You know tit for tat. Let us help ourselves here. Show some love.

You could send me a mail at or send tweet at me or send me a DM on Instagram or a message on Facebook. I look forward to hearing from you all.

And please, be mindful of how you use your slangs.

Love xx




Hello. Welcome to my blog. This is where I let out my anger and frustration in other not to become a nuisance to the world. So let’s say it’s a win-win. Now, we can all hold hands and sing 'kumbaya'. Thanks for visiting, and I really hope you enjoyed it. Well, it’s not like you really have much of a choice hey. Love xx.


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