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What Do These Nigerian Leaders Have In Common?

Nigerian politicians are popularly known for one thing. And that is making promises, but besides that we would be looking at the similarities between these politicians, and what well, makes them stand out.

  1. DONALD DUKE: I honestly think that from his name being first on this list, it is honestly obvious what we are talking about here. Yes, their signature style. Donald Duke could be said to be the godfather of Nigerian politician style. He is not only super stylish, he is also the Swag Daddy who brought about the annual Calabar Bikers Parade and turned it into Nigeria biggest and most celebrated event. He was recently seen cruising on a sleek automobile with his beautiful and stylish wife.images-4
  2. EMEKA IHEDIOHA: Famous for his signature green hat which makes him always stand out. The past deputy speaker of the House of Reps and former Imo state governorship aspirant always makes sure to put on his green hat, even when cut unawares.ihedioha-290x195
  3. GOODLUCK EBELE JONATHAN: Signature Bayelsa state cultural attire which has been termed the ‘GEJ’s outfit’ made the former President unique. It however brought up lots of questions and controversial topics when he wore this attire to an international event. But hey, who cares?GEJ
  4. ROCHAS OKOROCHA: Always hangs a muffler or mufflers of different colours and patterns in whatever attire he puts on. No matter the attire, he can almost never be caught without a muffler.Okorocha-Rochas
  5. SANUSI LAMIDO SANUSI: The present Emir of Kano whom used to once be the CBN governor was known for his bow tie which was in different patterns, and shades of colours. He was ‘your bow tie’ man. Until he became one of the most influential traditional head in the country, and ditched the ties for his traditional outfits which are so colourfully designed.25890-84fa02-73105208-73103890-500x281
  6. NGOZI OKONJI-IWUALA: Probably can never even be caught dead without her famous style of tying the turban. Usually tied in a long oblong form with a big round knot, no one, I mean no one might even recognize her without this turban on, or put on that way.220px-Okonjo-Iweala
  7. SOLOMON DALUNG: Probably on every Nigerian sports lover’s hate-list, the Minister of sports can almost never be seen without his red beret, which according to him shows his pledged-allegiance to the plight of Nigerians to always serve. Even though with some of his recent comments and press releases, it doesn’t seem so.solomon-dalung1-1
  8. ALAAFIN OF OYO: This traditional head could be said to have changed the game, as he is not only one of the richest traditional rulers in the country, but also one of the most stylish and extravagant. No offense to the feminists out there, and no, this is not aimed at breeding misogyny but his wives are said to be his accessory, as they are always seen in matching outfits with their husband, touring the world. Not only do they not all look like sisters, they always step out with him looking like they’re coming at you, or like guests at The Wedding Party.Alaafin-of-Oyo-at-76-1
  9. CHRIS NGIGE: Signature white beards and red hat, this former governor and present senator who had been in the political sphere for what seems like forever is known for this look.Chris-Ngige-360x225
  10.  OONI OF IFE: He and his wife blazed the airways as he was to become the youngest coroneted Ooni in history. Not only that, they always serve style and signature white attires when seen in public functions.Ooni-and-Olori-of-Ife
  11. MUHAMMADU BUHARI: Daddy PMB has a signature style which is his flowing kaftan, and hat. He always oozes some sort of effortless ‘swaggu’ as Nigerians may say as he has a strong, fit statue which should be as a result of once being in the military. Once a soldier, always a soldier. Age does not seem to affect him much, anytime soon. (This was written a long time ago, so age really did affect him. *whispers* oh it did!)6c308871a78a4c6a9b7a36991603017a_18
  12. PATIENCE JONATHAN: Wondering why her name is on the list, the former Perm. Sec. of one of the parastatals in Bayelsa state and former Presidents wife was known for one fashion sense: always looking like a colourful bird. No, this is not a terrible thing. Her outfits were always just too much or too unnecessary for the occasion, therefore always making her appear…funny. Who the hell was her stylist?hqdefault


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4 thoughts on “What Do These Nigerian Leaders Have In Common?

  1. Please leave our Mama Peace for us oooo!!!

    That woman remains the best *FLON* (First Lady of Nigeria) in recent times.

    I miss her avalanche of comic relief.

    Meanwhile, a beautiful piece you scribbled out here as usual.

    When I saw the title and the lead picture, I was “Wow!! Ugonna is gonna talk Politics and politicians today, oya let’s go there”.

    But then I was sweetly-disappointed when I started reading about trademark fashion styles of VIPs.

    But guess what, I enjoyed it all, except the part of that old man whose own analysis ” is in the past” .
    (Pls dnt ask me who, he has “LifelessEd” Nigeria).



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