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10 Pictures FUTO Students Can Relate With The New Shuttle Service.

I can totally relate.

  1. During the break, you heard rumours about the strike but you shoved it off like.
  1. Got to school on the first day, no bike. Ewoo…na true oo.


  1. Only for you to wait for the shuttle for 15 minutes, one finally comes by, you’re happy. About to enter with style.
  1. You’re about to jejely enter, when you see that you’re not the only one. A stampede is about to happen.


  1. Sun is out and has started drenching you small small, then you finally get a free shuttle after battling in 2 previous buses to enter. This is you calculating the angle to jump in from, first window? second window??, maybe even drivers seat will be better, to avoid ‘had I known’.


  1. You sit down by the door with your hand holding the top for support, you’re thinking who told you to put FUTO in JAMB. Eyaa. Vexx don enter.


  1. A great wave of body odour  hits you from west, you don’t know if to start crying or to shout at the unknown person. You just dey vex inside you like, weeeetttttiiinnnnnnnn????? you wan killlllllll me!!!!!!


  1. People have stopped at 3 different locations to get down, thereby inconveniencing you. The fourth stop is made, you look at the person alighting like. Kuku kill me. E be like say na to hang yourself go sure pass at this point.
  1. As a girl, imagine someone trying to chyke you in that condition. You go just dey look am like bros wetin, as this place hot so…
  1. You finally get to your destination, you walk to your lecture room almost unconscious by the inhalation of the odours in the bus, your cloth almost drenched, perfume no dey even smell again. You imagine what your medical report would be if you pass out there: cause of death-inhalation of unpleasant odours, discomfort, and suffocation. Na to trek better pass, when next you see a bus, you’re like…wehdonsir,I no do again.


Hope you enjoyed this and had a good laugh because well, that was the aim. We are all in this fight together brethren, we shall overcome….Anselmo.


What other meme thread would you like to see? send me a mail with suggestions; Excited to hear from you. In advance.


Love xx.


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