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Thank You!

Hi Guys.

So it’s been a while and this time I’m updating y’all on what has been up in my life. Not like it’s been much, but yeah let’s begin from somewhere.

On Monday, the 12th of March, I added one year to my life (Glory to God) and for those that are about to ask how old I turned, it is 20. I turned 20. I am now 20 years old. I have spent 2 decades on earth. I’m now an old woman, do you really want to make it so obvious for me?

Like every other birthday, I’m always excited even though nothing exceptional happens – except like once or twice or thrice…yeah yeah, or there about something actually went down.

Now that I think of it, let me do a run-down of how I’ve celebrated my birthdays in the past.

From when I can remember that is.

2011 – I just got into SS1 at my new school (F.G.G.C Owerri). It was second term and I had to enter the dormitory. It was a whole new experience for me, I was sceptical at first but I had to – for my convenience. My birthday that year fell on Interhouse sports day. Prior to that day, everyone hussled to be involved in some cool group or community so they could wear cool uniforms. Those who weren’t able to do so find themselves anywhere were left to wear our P.E outfit which was hideous. It was like a tutu but with the check material of your dorm. Imagine seeing all your 2go boyfriends for the first time wearing that skirt? Never!

Seeing as I couldn’t be in the matchpast squad for my dormitory because according to the senior students in-charge, my hands weren’t straight, I joined the school band. But the rehearsals and rules were too stressful and as a queen of ‘I cannor come and kill myself’, I quit!

*Eminem’s lyrics ‘Two words I’d never say – I quit’ playing in background*

Eminem would be so ashamed of me.

Moving on…

So I joined the cheerleading team and had to wear a mini flared skirt, with a hose, sneakers/trainers and well I didn’t look so bad. We sprayed our hair gold, did our cheerleading stunts and felt like some hot blonde cheerleaders in a Taylor Swift music video.

Birthday – My parents brought me lots of food, and snacks,and all of that stuff and that was it. I had fun though.

And no, no one beat me on that day. Actually I’ve never been beaten on my birthday. They fitn’t. Lol.

Also, seeing as I was new to the dormitory system, I discovered that 2 out of 3 of my day wears were missing. I asked God to help me find my daywear as a birthday gift. He answered. You wouldn’t believe where I found it though. Let’s not even go there.

2012 – I won the Commonwealth Pageantry competition at my school and became Miss Commonwealth 2012. My dress was ♥️. My shoes were a bit loose though, still wondering how I didn’t fall down on stage while catwalking. I got lots of compliments from teachers about my traditional outfit, even though now that I look at the pictures I looked like a walking broomstick.

Plot Twist- My sister was the previous queen, so she handed the crown to me. It was such a memorable moment.

2013 – I wrote my physics WASSCE Mock exam and it was obvious that I would bang so I wasn’t even bothered. My dad brought a naked cake for me (which tasted like heaven) which I shared with friends and stayed happy as ever.

N.B- I actually failed that exam. Like failed, like F. You see I didn’t use to read much them, scratch that I didn’t know how to read effectively then. But now I know better. Lol. To compensate myself, I remember that I wasn’t the only one that failed it o. We were many 😂😂.

2014Post-secondary school graduation. I saved a little money prior to that day, bought myself a cake, some drinks and chocolates, called some of my friends and they turned up even though it was last minute. My heart was exploding with gratitude and happiness. It was fun.

2015 – I celebrated it on a boat cruise in Dubai, and got a surprise chocolate cake. Omg! I cried. Best birthday till date. I loved it. I went to Burj Khalifa as well. It was wow.

2016 – I woke up older, happy and broke. As in, I didn’t even have data to read WhatsApp messages. That bad! I wasn’t sad though, I stayed happy all through. One of my friends surprised me with a cake and it was one of the nicest things anyone has done for me. It’s always the thought that matters. I felt so abandoned that day, like the world forgot me but I just stayed happy all through.

Guess what? My phone fell into the toilet the next day while replying birthday texts. I just laughed it off.

2017– Epistles and nice words from people on Facebook and Instagram made my day, few gifts, and a day well spent with 3 friends made it worth it.

A baldie

2018: This year– Wow. Just wow. People literally blew my minds away. I got messages that got me crying and I am not kidding. I cried. I felt so loved, relevant, important, special, just everything. I really felt like it was my day. Even from people that I don’t really talk to, from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, WhatsApp, calls, text messages. Like I was in tears. It was such a beautiful day. I had random people walk up to me in school and say ‘you’re Ugonna right?!happy birthday!’, in admiration.

With little and almost no plans, and with much persuasion and contributions from my awesome friends, I decided to have dinner at some nice restaurant.

So heading into town, we spent the evening at Zanzibar Restaurant and it was pretty cool. Did I mention it had a rooftop? The meal was nice even though my stomach didn’t agree with much of it that day. Lots of lit pictures, jokes, people who turned up late to the party, all these and more made it a great day.

As some point, I felt like I didn’t have enough fun though. I like dancing, alot. In case I haven’t mentioned that, I do. And I didn’t get to dance at all. Like I had an image in my head which wasn’t fulfilled.

But I decided to count my blessings and stay happy. I mean, look at the people who turned up for me.

I came home, only for 3 of my friends to surprise me with gifts. This was by past 9pm o. Like they came from their houses that night. Wow. I was speechless and felt so special for real. I was so grateful.

So that’s the run-down, hope it was fun reading this.

More pictures on my Instagram by the way

This is my teeth of gratitude

Thank you guys again. I love you all and appreciate all the love I got.

Love xx ♥️♥️


Hello. Welcome to my blog. This is where I let out my anger and frustration in other not to become a nuisance to the world. So let’s say it’s a win-win. Now, we can all hold hands and sing 'kumbaya'. Thanks for visiting, and I really hope you enjoyed it. Well, it’s not like you really have much of a choice hey. Love xx.

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