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All Stories Matter.

Someone told me sometime last week ‘Do you know that your blog is boring? You’re writing about your past birthdays on it, who cares?! Are you popular?’.

Well, in my defence in that hour, I stuttered a couple of words in an attempted explanation then saw that it was no use as I wasn’t even in the mood to talk about anything serious such as educating a person on the importance of telling your stories.

So now, he is probably reading this because I’m going to send him the link.

Now, here is my reply.

For so long, I’ve swallowed in in my thoughts and allowed my opinions and stories to be consumed by the fear of being considered irrelevant and not getting validation from people, or people that ‘mattered’. But not anymore.

The world or society in the past have made people feel like expressing theirselves is some sort of crime, I mean like Shut it up you’re not famous because no one cares and never will. Who do you think you are? You live in a small city with poor internet and bad roads what opinion do you think would be relevant enough. You’re a guy so why are you writing poems, you are falling hands just lock it up and man up.

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That is the definition of being mature; locking it up, killing expressions, denying your emotions, blending in, accepting that your voice does not count.

The moment you start writing to be noticed, the moment you start to create art for relevance that’s when you start to lose it.

Inmeforyou is an extension of myself, mirroring my story, my opinions, things I find interesting, my views, opinions, thoughts and a representation of The Ugonna, an artist.

It’s in me for you, for you to hear my voice, for you to be encouraged by my voice and be confident enough to share yours.

I am not seeking fame, popularity or thousands of clicks and views (if that comes – Amazing, but if not I’m not living for that). It’s what you feel after reading something I write that I seek instead. That feeling of belongingness, relevance, ease. From a normal girl from a small town to you, I just want to share, because I feel that I have something that might encourage someone out there. I don’t want to change the entire world, I just want the world to be filled with emotional intelligent beings whose minds have been transformed into being better people, happy people who embrace the growth they see. People who are not afraid to be whom they want to be, regardless. That’s what I’m about!

Your weirdness matters.

That is the purpose of IMFY. It’s my guilty pleasure, your guilty pleasure, let’s rant. Together.

Don’t be scared.


Hello. Welcome to my blog. This is where I let out my anger and frustration in other not to become a nuisance to the world. So let’s say it’s a win-win. Now, we can all hold hands and sing 'kumbaya'. Thanks for visiting, and I really hope you enjoyed it. Well, it’s not like you really have much of a choice hey. Love xx.

16 thoughts on “All Stories Matter.

  1. Nice post miss Ugonna, your posts are not boring. The celebrities had their little beginnings.
    I have stories to tell too, a lot.


    1. Thank you Jerry. I know right. Lol. I’m not even seeking fame, but yes we should all tell our stories wherever we can – on our social media, to our friends, passenger seating next to you in a bus. It could just be a sentence. It’s important. Thank you reading xx.


  2. Ug…if i havent told you that i enjoy coming to your blog, im sorry.
    Ive been a bad friend..I enjoy reading the stuffs you post and im really happy cos this blog will go higher than this
    For the person that said your post is boring, he prolly doesnt understand the grammar you use.its too big for him to assimilate.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Lmao. I wasn’t even offended shaa. I just took it as a mere misunderstanding. Thank you so my darling. This means a lot and I really appreciate. Thank you for always visiting.


  3. People will always have something to say my dear even when they barely know anything about you or why you act the way you do.

    I also have a wordpress blog. Sometimes my friends say things like: “what’s the point of this’re not earning anything, you hardly even get likes”..or they say, “these your posts are too long. don’t you know people would not want to read it?”

    I smile and I’m like, “let those who want to read read.”

    I love to write. I know the feeling I get after I post something on my blog. What’s even more fulfilling is the way I feel when I receive comments on WhatsApp and Facebook about how helpful the post was. If my post can transform one life alone, believe me, I’m okay.

    What is fame if you can’t impact positively in the lives of others?

    I love you blog Ugonna
    Keep inking..

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