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Wedding Shenanigans!

During the Easter holiday weekend, I attended my cousin’s wedding and on three different occasions, I was reminded that I have entered the ‘very soon, they will come with wine and come and carry you category’ A.K.A You’re old enough to marry.

Ah. Small me. A children like me. A child like me. A pikin is I. A nwatakiri like me.


Occasion 1

As the grandparents of the bride, my grandparents with the other grandparents (paternal and Grooms’) wore the same fabric which was an embellished blue mesh and my grandparents looked delicious. Like first of ALL, did I mention how their skin glows like the sun. They are both strong and healthy, speaking supri supri oyibo and stuff, that’s Grace.

My grandma is right next to the bride and see their smile. Aww.

So I commented on their outfit like

Me: Mama and papa you both look so fine.

M & P: Thank you

Mama: That’s how they’ll look even finer on my own wedding.

Then she turned back and told my mum what she said so they both gave themselves the look and laughed.

You know that look.

And I’m just there like 🙄.

I’ve never actually gotten any marriage talk like that from grand parents. Does this mean…does this mean that I’m now almost old enough to them?

Please take me back to running away from mama’s injection, jumping from the tank stand almost spraining my ankle and playing football with my friends in the village. Pleaseeee. I want to be a child again.

Occasion 2

The MC announced that all the single ladies should get ready to come out for the throwing of the bouquet. Obviously, I already filtered that out from my thought while he kept repeating it. I was jejely getting my phone ready to capture those that will fight for the bouquet and just maybe if my sister ended up catching it.

I didn’t consider myself A ‘single lady’, because how now?! Wheennnn??!!!

I was crossing my legs at my table where I was seated with my entire family when one of ‘The Aunties’ approached us and said

Aunty: Single lady go out now, they’re calling you.

I giggled.

Me: I’m a child o.

Aunty: Child? You! How old are you?!’

Me: 20.

She just jokingly dragged me up as we both burst into laughter including my mum and junior sister.

I had been caught

I was actually shy and a little bit embarrassed because obviously whenever it came to this point at weddings, I was usually the one to laugh at those fighting for the bouquet and stuff.

It then dawned on me that indeed I had been categorized into ‘single,eligible and perhaps searching.’

Well, eventually one girl whom was desperate and quite determined almost made the candles turn over and catch fire when trying to catch the bouquet, finally got it. It was actually thrown to where I stood but I was just there hand akimbo, watching and still giggling in embarrassment.

Me in shock with my Mister.

Occasion 3

This one is personal because almost throughout the wedding, I feel into a trance of how my own wedding would look like.

You guys, I did an entire wedding ceremony in my head while my cousin’s own was going on.

I was just really lost in my thought,and the beauty of celebrating love between two people whom are going to spend the rest of their life together. Me and the love of the life, I mean.

Like every other girl, I’ve always created scenes of how I want my wedding to on that particular day my imaginations created an entire seasonal movie with 45 episodes.

Wow. I’m really turning into one of those girls.

But no shame, haha. You can’t shame what cannot be shamed. You thought.

Come to think of it, how and when did I even grow up already that I’m already thinking of my own wedding. I only did like 3 flower girl roles as a child which I was so excited to do. That’s because I don’t think I was the most attractive child with flower girl material 100 yards so whenever I got any opportunity (which were quite rare), I would be so happg.

‘Like wow,I am not so invisible after all.’

So, I thought.

I usually talked about it like forever.

I’ll give my flower girl gist soon. You see, my life has always been somehow which makes me have lots of stories to tell.

For that reason, I have a Big Announcement to make.

*rings bell*

I’m looking for husband, please apply via email with your cover letter and CV.

*Small play oooo*

Also read my letter to the future LOML. Dear Husband to know my specs.

I’ve played alot in this post.

Thank you so much for reading.

I love you all.

Remember to keep sharing your stories. You are the light.

-Love xx.


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