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For People Like US…there is Hope!

So I have been watching Skinny Girl In Transit by NdaniTV on Youtube, and well as expected I’m hooked. Honestly and Truly. Also, like every other girl in the comments, I’ve been asking ‘Where is my own Mide?’.Not exactly my own Mide but at least my own version of Mide. Okay first things first, Mide is the super cute, hot, and super romantic boyfriend of Tiwa, whom is a hardworking, pretty, single, plus-sized woman approaching her 30’s and all her Mother seems to sing to her ears are ‘Marriage, marriage, marriage’.

The most romantic part about her relationship with Mide is that he came at the time she never expected and she was completely not in the mood for men, as she had just gone through a breakup, and other series of disappointments with love. But hey, there was Mide, loving her through her nauseating attitude, through her denial of feelings for him…even though all the indicators where clear that she was loved him too. Long story short, I just watched the Season Finale for its fourth season and guess who is engaged???!!!!!!! Yasss, Tiwa! In the most romantic way ever, she basically just woke up to a ring on her finger…I mean how sweet is that? Now that is the new cool, say goodbye to proposals done whilst flying out of a plain, or catching a grenade for her.

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I love the series, I love the protrayal of love and romance in some of its purest forms. I felt the heartbreaks they experienced, the hurt, the pain, the hard times…it really felt like I could relate with most of it. It is an amazing series, no jokes. Beautiful natural acting, almost as though they read there were no scripts involved. And oh…the music, I’m listening to the entire playlist now as I write this and I am in rollercoaster of emotions. I would include the link to the music here ofcourse (because I love you guys)

Watching this series lit up a spark in my life. The kind that is filled with emotions, affection, self-love, happiness, hardwork…just some sort of hope that somewhere out there, real, undiluted love exists…and guess what? The best part is that you’d find it in a place you never expected to.

Love is beautiful. End of.


In my next post, I’ll be doing a reveal. Join me.


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