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Design 101 – Excerpts From my First Week with SENPAI.


I had always found myself to be a good critique when it comes to analysing products and systems, I called it ‘having an eye for detail’. Until recently when I found out that that skill I naturally had was had a name and it is called Design Thinking. Also, that it was a study and skill which needede to be learned, refined and developed. Trust me, I was intrigued and decided to delve deeper into this refined interest in ‘DESIGN’. Luckily, I was able to come across SENPAI when I attended their session at Social Media Week Lagos.

Fast forward to a week or more ago, I signed up for their Design 101 online class which was aimed at teaching design and design thinking, creating a community and space for Designers in Nigeria to create, collaborate and positively solve problems which is what design is about; solving problems.

In my first week, I got to learn and understand how to see design; how to point out good design and what makes good design. This made me it easier to determine using the Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, which classifies design according to the needs it satisfies – the highest being functionality. A design can be beautiful, innovative, creative, proficient, reliable but if it doesn’t solve or sell what it is supposed to do i.e. the message it is to pass, it is almost as good as basic.

download (1)

I also got to know the features that makes a good design. Got to understand that in design, it’s all about perspective. What do they want you to see?

Drum rolls…..

I got introduced to Figma. Lately I’ve been playing around with some design tools such as Adobe Illustrator, Marvel for Wireframing and also been reading up their functions. I remember reading a post by Dami on her first week of internship with Senpai and what she was able to create, and in my head I went ‘Yeah,I wanna do that too’. Having watching the Figma Intro Tutorial from Senpai, I proceeded to playing around with the tools too and I felt so proud of myself. Like ‘Wow, I’m really doing this’.

Our first exercise was to go to website we liked and did not like, paste them in and give reasons why we didn’t like them. Here is a screenshot of my work and the link to it on Figma.

Dimma Umeh
I love this website. It is so beautifully designed.

I’m so excited to be on this journey with Senpai. One of the best things that has happened to me this year. Thank you so much Henry and everyone at Senpai. My heart is full.



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