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5 Black Women You Should Follow

‘She can, she will and she did’

Yesterday, I was randomly searching through YouTube for interesting stuff to watch. I know some of you are already saying ‘TED Talks’ and yeah I get it, but I really wasn’t in the TED talk mood exactly, I wanted to watch something funny and cool, that would make me laugh out loud and also inspire me in turn. Fortunately, I found it.

I stumbled across some interviews on The Breakfast Club and decided to indulge in them, ans trust me I did not expect such awesomeness from those black women I watched. With everything that I watched, I got to understand or got a certain kind of reassurance and one thing was a constant – ‘Keep putting in that work, it takes one movie, one song, one appearance, one hit, but as long as you stay put you will win’.

First off on my list is

Yvonne Orji


First of all, she’s my Nigerian Igbo sister, so yay! She plays the role of Molly on InsecureHBO as a successful corporate attorney who has career success but difficulty with dating men. She’s beautiful, smart, incredibly talented and funny as hell. Best part? She’s a born again christian and is so proud of her virginity at 33 which she talks so confidently about. Her TED talk The Wait is Sexy is on waiting for their right person who doesn’t make you have to compromise your values or choices, someone who is on the same path as you and chooses to love you just the way you are. According to her, she relocated to America as a child and got bullied from third grade to 8th grade because of her accent and big lips which people now pay for according to her and I couldn’t help but say ‘Yas girl’ when I was watching it. Haven gotten a Bachelor’s Degree and Masters Degree in Public Health, she suddenly choose to move to New York to become a comedienne contrary to her parents plans of her becoming a doctor. Imagine telling your parents you want to become a comedianne suddenly, the actual shock. Well, after all said and done…here she is, a role model, successfully writer and actress with her standards how and where she wants it to be. I love seeing women win.

Here’s a link to her talk on The Breakfast Club. How could you not love her?



Jackie Aina


Beautiful, Talented, Funny, Creative, Intelligent Make-Up Guru , beauty and lifestyle Blogger and Vlogger Jackie Aina is another black woman to root for. She’s a Nigerian sister as well, and makeup on Women of Colour cannot be mentioned without her name being mentioned. She’s a force to reckon with and a top influencer. I enjoy watching her videos, because not only are her tips on point, she’s always hilarious and cute as hell. She ahs been in the game for years, and can boast of over 2 Million Subscribers on her YouTube page with all that hard work she put into her craft.  She’s also very proud to be Nigerian and doesn’t hide away from that part of her.

jackie aina

She is amazing and definitely getting that schmooneeyyyyy. Here’s a click of one of my favourite videos of her.

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Issa Rae



Issa is one of my favourite on-screen actresses, like her role on InsecureHBO, I feel like she gets me like I know her and she knows me because most of what she does in Awkward Black Girl and Insecure, I can totally relate and I’m completely African…girl, black is black. First off, I love her name, second off I love her hair, then her smile, oh my goodness. She wrote and produced her own web series Awkward Black Girl and is currently producing and acting in Insecure which she also co-writes, I mean how lit is that?! She has won lots of awards by the way and she is proudly a black, successfully independent woman.

Here’s a link to the trailer of Insecure season 3 showing from August 12th.

Serena Williams


Need I say more? This goddess here is a lot of things and more. A winner, successful professional tennis player, a mother, a wife, a sister, a beautiful, super-rich, talented who buys properties as a hobby like whaatttt? She won a championship while pregnant, that’s a Queen right there. I love her because she’s determined, smart, hardworking, beautiful and very confident about whom she is.

Here’s a click of her from a TED Conference. Look at how pretty her smile is.


Naturi Naughton

naturi naughton.jpg

Famous for her role in Power, as Tasha, the partner of a night club owner who also lives a double life as a drug kingpin, she could said to be the most loyal person in Power. Her acting is spectacular that I could not imagine her being any other person besides being Tasha. Watching her interview on The Breakfast club with Joseph Sikora who acts as Tommy in Power, she talked about her acting and music career and being in the game for so long but only just getting massive recognition now. Another episode of ‘put in the work consistently till that one hit’. She is also proudly a mother and wife and one of the best actresses I’ve ever seen.



THE END. Keep Winning. Love xx.



Hello. Welcome to my blog. This is where I let out my anger and frustration in other not to become a nuisance to the world. So let’s say it’s a win-win. Now, we can all hold hands and sing 'kumbaya'. Thanks for visiting, and I really hope you enjoyed it. Well, it’s not like you really have much of a choice hey. Love xx.

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