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5 ‘Woke’ TV Series You Should Watch.

‘Know better, Do better’

– Molly (Insecure, 2018)

Using this random picture I found on Twitter which is currently my wallpaper. I would be listing some very lit TV series that is so slept on. If you like woke, dope, deep, corny stuff that bring about heated discussions and just make you think. This list is for you.


This is currently my favourite series and luckily it’s still on play in it’s 3rd season. It’s about an awkward black woman who has to juggle her daily life handling her relationship problems while being black but not too black. It’s super funny, and puts me in my ratchet mood and honestly I don’t know if that’s a good thing. It’s definetely 18+, but the soundtracks,drama and acting you would love. There’s a Nigerian sister Yvonne Orji whom I wrote about here playing a major role so ayeeeeee.

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Need I say more? Imagine living a double life as the most wanted drug kingpin and a legit business man. The actors in this movie are fan-tas-tic,the script and directing is a-ma-zing. It’s so well done, I couldn’t imagine Joseph Sikora to be any thing more or less of the badass character Tommy Egan that he plays. There are a lot of strong black characters as well. Some of your faves too like Omari Hardwick


Fantastic family comedy at it’s finest,I absolutely love the history of black culture attached to every episode. That way you learn while laughing. It’s woke but in an appealing, humorous. It’s a typical Black family, just being conscious of their ‘Blackness’. Just like being too Nigerian. Yeah, stuff like that there are some amazing actors there such as Tracee Ellis Ross, Yara Shahidi who would make you never want to end it.


Extremely woke. To the point that most of the oyibo sef I don’t even get. But I love the idea behind it,as I’ve got to learn a lot about black culture and institutional racism too. And the fashion is everything. Very aesthetic, very stylish. If you like deep but cool stuff, you should love it. Especially the oyibo.

Watch Trailer here.


This is a mind-cracking, psychological horror kind of movie. It just kinds makes you think, a whole lot. It narrates the tale of a handmaid whom fate is to get pregnant and bear kids on behalf of other women. Not as surrogates though. They have this weird, fetish-termed religious ritual and procedure the make the Handmaid’s undergo as a form of conversion.I’ve only watched an episode but it’s one I’d like to continue.


Here’s a picture of me to make your day.

They could all be downloaded on

Lots of love xx


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6 thoughts on “5 ‘Woke’ TV Series You Should Watch.

  1. Hi Ugonna, Good job hunting these down. I have not seen any of these yet, but the Handmaid’s Tale seems to be sucking me in (and from quite a while ago too). Thanks for the reminder? At least the coming week now knows what I’ll be seeing. Bless! Do keep these coming – good music, good shows, good ‘etc’.

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    1. Thanks a lot. I’m really glad you enjoy the content I put up here. I’ve had it in mind to share all these while and now I’m like oh let’s do this. I’ll keep doing so. Thanks for visiting and please subscribe to receive instant email notifications when there’s a new post.


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