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What Are You Doing About It?

I know you care!

It has been an eventful week and I think it’s finally time we wrap it up. I mean first of all it was Beyonce’s birthday week for those of you that are wondering why Beyonce picture is here. Not that I’m a Bey Stan or anything, it was just to grasp your attention and it did so welcome to the party.

For the record, I think she’s an amazing performer and super talented but yeah let’s just leave it there.

As I was saying, it’s the weekend so what are we doing about it? Is it going to an Owambe filled Saturday with you dressed in a lit traditional outfit ready to pepper them, begging your friends to make Snapchat videos of you while you dance and act like you didn’t know when the video was being made or the weekend you stay at home clean up, sleep and eventually go to see a movie in the cinema later in the evening.

Ah no, I’m not done. Is it also the kind of weekend you make plans with your friends and when they start calling you to confirm the hangout, you put your phone on Airplane mood and listen to music from Maleek Berry. If you’re guilty of this I see you 🌝🌚.

Or perhaps you just spend it running errands for your parents from market to mechanic to tailor that you can’t just wait to move out to your own apartment. But then bills are looking at you like:

Either ways, May the 4th be with you. This 4th thing sounds cool but I just never know what it means. I think it’s America’s independence day so for the sake of patriotism – Scratch that.

May the 1st be with you.

Anyways I hope you have an amazing weekend and forgossakes can someone send me cake or something.



Hello. Welcome to my blog. This is where I let out my anger and frustration in other not to become a nuisance to the world. So let’s say it’s a win-win. Now, we can all hold hands and sing 'kumbaya'. Thanks for visiting, and I really hope you enjoyed it. Well, it’s not like you really have much of a choice hey. Love xx.

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