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5 Important Apps For Creators.

Creators get in here!

I was going through my phone and realised that I had more almost 60 installed Apps on my phone and I’m just like whaattt?

Truth is I didn’t even realize this when I was downloading them. If I see an App and want it, I just download it. Perhaps I’m just lucky that my phone has enough space that I don’t even bother to know their sizes or how long it’s going to be on my phone. I’ve had apps I’ve not used in months that I still leave because I feel they might be needed some time, soon, or never.

With the sudden realization that I haven’t been doing posts for creators – seeing as I’m in the system well there’s always love in sharing xx. Also because I get lots of questions from people about which App I use to do one thing or the other, or access something; so these are some of them.

For the record : These are my personal tools and I am going to outline their uses and how they work for me. Not a sponsored post.

1. Canva

This one is undefeated and one of the best things since chocolate banana bread. Ughhhhh! Forgive me for deviating but this is a must-have for every creator. Canva is a design tool which used to create designs for almost anything. From social media posts, to stories, CD covers, book covers, fliers. It is a low budget Photoshop with high quality features. Low budget in the terms that most features are completely free, not that it’s a wanna-be o (don’t get it twisted). So for all your social media quotes, blog headers – This is the go-to guy. Available on the App stores and also on Desktop on It requires you to sign up using Facebook, Google, or your email and automatically stores your designs thereby creating some sort of design boards. There are lots of templates to choose from for inspiration and could be easily edited to suit what you want. I love it!

2. VSCOCam

Another frequently used app on my phone,this is used for editing photos. It has hundreds of presets to choose from and whether you want something vintage, dark and mysterious, colourful, that smooth fade, name it – it has it allllllllllllll. You are also required to sign up to access it. There’s also a community where photo edits are uploaded and trust me it is a great way to get inspired when you see the magic other creators upload. My favourite presents are C1, F2, A5, A6, M3, M5 and X1. My most used edit is highlight because it removes the distracting lights in photos and keeps the focus on the subject, creating a calmer effect. And then there’s the fade too, then temperature which sets the mood from cold which is very icy to warm which is sunny.

C1: Ideal for pictures taken outdoor in natural habitat, and lots of vegetation.

F2: Has a pinkish undertone and makes colours pop.

A5 & A6: Best used on pictures that you want to create a dark but colourful feel. Has blue undertones and makes the melanin pop. Easily my favourites.

M5: Obi Somto made me fall in love with this filter because he creates some of the best flatlays and images with it. It has a brownish tone and is best used for furniture photography and images/flatlays taken with wooden or bwon backdrops. Etherically conceptualized.

M3: Similar to M5, just darker.

XI: Dark, rich enclosed in vignettes. Makes the dark cool.

I had a lot to say about this one because it is my favourite photo editing app and I’ve used it to years. Other good apps for editing are Snapseed and PicsArt.

Some images edited with VSCO presents.

3. Soundcloud:

In my opinion, the best place to discover amazing music. There is so much to do on this App, from interesting podcasts to music from your faves, covers, new Indie musicians, soundtrack playlist of TV & Web series, music mix. Everything audio content is found here.

To the expected question- How does one find amazing new music here? Let me give an instance: I log into Souncloud for the first time, then I remember Nonso Amadi has great music so I search for his name and listen to one of his songs, search for a couple of songs too that I know of and play them, automatically suggestions of music similar to his appear and well that’s it. The key is to keep an open mind to new things, when a random song comes on, allow it, don’t pause it or skip it immediately – now, that’s the trick to finding great music. Here’s a playlist I curated of some of my favourite songs of late. Hope you enjoy it xx.


4. Power Director:

Used to edit videos, turning it into a masterpiece. It has the 16:9 for landscape videos, 6:19 for vertical videos, so for your IGTV or Instagram videos and clips – this is the one. Has features such as flip, reverse, clip, skin smoothener, speed regulator, add music, numerous effects to choose from, transitions etc. Could be stored in any resolution of your choice. From VGA,to the HD option which is paid for. Most of the features are free. It’s a great one to start out your visual storytelling journey and for vlogging. Easy to use, and fun.

5. Tumblr/Pinterest:


Have that idea that you don’t know how to express? Pinterest helps with creating moodbaords that describes what you want to achieve. It helps define and explain what you intend to create. Mood boards is a canvas on which creators can play and create a visual description. It could be a shoot, architecture design, interior design, flatlays, product description etc.

Here’s an example of a mood board.

Signing out,I hope you enjoyed this post.

I’m thinking of starting a podcast guys, can anyone guess what I’ll be talking about.


Hello. Welcome to my blog. This is where I let out my anger and frustration in other not to become a nuisance to the world. So let’s say it’s a win-win. Now, we can all hold hands and sing 'kumbaya'. Thanks for visiting, and I really hope you enjoyed it. Well, it’s not like you really have much of a choice hey. Love xx.

21 thoughts on “5 Important Apps For Creators.

  1. Soundcloud… Been thinking about downloading it for a while. Didn’t know if it would be the best fit to my musical needs but on your suggestion, I just might try it.


  2. Thanks for the soundcloud 101 course…Couldn’t believe I didn’t know of it before though.

    And yes, the ‘new-music-algorithm’ works fine too. Bless.

    P.S. I am off to find a Pinterest 101 course now too.

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