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10 Things That You Do – To my Dad, I Love You.

Happy Birthday Dad!

It’s been 20 something years of ‘fathering’ me and you’ve never gotten tired. Never left. Never abandoned me. Never said you were tired of being my father.

It’s been so many more years of you hustling, striving, working hard and even admist the disappointment, it’s still been you never making us know how frustrating it was.

It’s also been you with the attempts at so many ventures, from one business to the other,from one degree to another, from one city to the other. All that time still coming home with large arms to shield us all,as usual.

It’s still been you making your own food and serving yourself, washing the cars every morning, opening the gate when I get into arguments with my siblings on whom to open the gate. Still been you being the fixer. Repainting the parlour, fixing the windows, fixing the tv, replacing the fuse in the extension, still having the time to run into the kitchen to reduce the gas cooker intensity so the food doesn’t burn. Even though it’s sometimes annoying to us o.

For you, I want to be the daughter you would always be proud of. To you, still your ‘Gogo’ whom you call to pick up from work, your ‘Gogo’ that begs you for airtime for data every 2 days, the ‘Gogo’ that calls you first when she has exciting news, the ‘Gogo’ that you get updates from about the latest, the ‘Gogo’ that never reads the broadcasts that you keep sending but you already know that.

10, times and more for all the times you’ve had my back. When I changed from being the best in the class and school, taking home a truckload of academic prizes while participating in all the activities on speech and prize giving day to coming back home with terrible results too scared to show you. Still you, being confident in my potential and believing in me.

9, times and more for all the low times I had post-secondary school for not getting admission into the Uni immediately. You spoke to me, encouraged me, told me to wipe my tears, told me you’d try to get me into a private university if possible, told me to be confident, held me up and the smile you had on your face when I told you I had gotten admission into the Uni, I would trade anything for that.

8, for carrying me on your back on my way back from primary school when the road to our house was flooded up to your knees. You rolled up your trousers and carried each of us, held unto us tightly on your back and never let us go for one second, till you safely dropped us on dry land. You would do anything as long as it kept us safe.

7, for all the dangerous situations you’ve put yourself in just to protect us, the nasty and uncomfortable things you’ve had to do just so we don’t have to experience pain.

6, for being the handyman in the house- you do it all.

5, because I love the way you love and respect your parents, running home to see them immediately you are called. I’ve learnt the importance of family and unity from you.

4, for being the ultimate sugar-daddy and for giving them steady, remember that time someone told Adanna that she saw her with one man as per boyfriend not knowing you were her Dad. Lmao. I cried while laughing that day. I’m tired of seeing the shock from people when I call you Dad in public o, please get old small.

3, for marrying the most beautiful woman in the world from whom I inherited these long limbs from. It’s an honour to be a combination of you both.

2, for being the perfect gentleman, for your kind soul that I’ve seen people take for granted. From you and Mum, I’ve learnt what it means to give even when it bites, I’ve seen you squeeze out your last to give just because you already made a promise to,for all the people you’ve welcomed into your home without grudges.

1, for your being the best dad to us, our gist partner,best friend, groove partner, for your smile which lights up the world, the way you see us as better than ourselves, for your dimple which I inherited. For everything.

I promise you cars, houses, luxury trips to anywhere in the world, great results and most importantly my heart because that’s where you’ll always belong. This girl would make you proud.

I’m so emotional and in tears and can’t write anymore.

I love you forever Twin. Happy birthday Dad.


Hello. Welcome to my blog. This is where I let out my anger and frustration in other not to become a nuisance to the world. So let’s say it’s a win-win. Now, we can all hold hands and sing 'kumbaya'. Thanks for visiting, and I really hope you enjoyed it. Well, it’s not like you really have much of a choice hey. Love xx.

10 thoughts on “10 Things That You Do – To my Dad, I Love You.

  1. Wow!!!
    What an eulogy for a worthy Dad from the generation of Dads that don’t run away nor fail in paternal duties.

    Cheers to your Dad, the Chief Celebrant and Subject Matter and Hero of this Epic Ode/Eulogy.

    This a very beautiful tribute.
    I hope he sees this.

    He did be more proud of his #Gogo.

    Now I am having guilty conscience already.
    Gonna surely pen down a note for my Parents. Lol.

    I feel like I have really downplayed appreciation of my parents.

    There are some special people in life we must never fail to be expressive with our gratitude to. Our Parents should truly stand out in that list.

    Another outstanding fruit from this your latest classical emotional outpour is the call for young men of my/our generation to live up to expectation in Parental duties.
    For me, courtesy this post, I have this renewed zeal to be that “Sugar-Daddy-Yo that my future kids will be so proud to call ‘Daddy’ and speak glowingly about”.

    So help me God!!!!

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  2. Baabay ,you amaze me with your write ups. This eulogy of the “largest heart on earth” is mind-blowing, emotional, satirical and apt. You are a gift to me, our family and your generation at large. This is just a tip of the ice bag. My Icon, Agbani, my model. I love u plenty. God bless u. It made our day.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Just like a ‘Human’ Super man…

    Please could you get him to write a book on how he achieved all this?

    I would very much love to read and/or know too.

    Tell him he has a fan now too!



    Liked by 1 person

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