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My Hair Grew in Volumes and Length in Just 6 Months! Here’s my DIY 3-Ingredient Deep Conditoner.

Own it!

Hello my people, and welcome to my Youtube channel. Ha! I got you. I’m sure you were probably wondering if you stumbled into the wrong place or just trying to find the relationship between a blog and a vlog. Anyways, this tutorial is not far fetched from a Youtube tutorial as here (in this post), I would be sharing a recipe for deep conditioning natural hair. And as for my guys about to run away thinking its only for the females..hey hey, come back here. What happened to self care and self love fa?
There’s always something new to learn, so…we may proceed.

My hair grew tremendously in just 6 months despite my reluctance to caring for it properly. I was and still am a one-off person, when it comes to this natural hair thing that is. I do one procedure and expect magic. But I was always consist with this particular conditioner and did it almost every weekend. My lodge mates know me for always having one thing or the other on my hair and skin every Saturday.

Before we do proceed again (as expected), I would give a short summary of my natural hair journey. See ehn, the thing is I stumbled into this natural hair thing out of confusion, and oh well ‘make I try am, if e burst, e burst’. You get? Innit? I wasn’t exactly a fan of it and thought it was just a trend which would fade out in the next couple of years and my black females would just finally make up their minds that they can’t come and kill themselves. I had experimented with cuts and colours and all sort in the past which made the cut life so interesting. Today on a cut, tomorrow on a braids, the varieties available to choose from, isn’t that what makes life fun? It is – if I do say so myself, yes it is! I mean there were some not-so-cool moments like when I once came back with a cut looking like a 60 year old grandpa with flat-tops, or just an entirely-confused person, female athlete, confused teenager to young mummy experiencing mid life crisis. Yes, been there done that!

Days I didn’t know what to do with the hair.

What I loved most about it was how it made me stand out wherever I went. People started conversations with my hair, and I remember once before Christmas, I had just done this very low fade with carvings behind and by the side of my hair. It was so low and perfectly egg-shaped ,so I called myself an egg-head. I got home and my mum and sister laughed at me, which was expected and normal because if I were them I would have laughed too shaa. They were just tired of me as a person (I dey off person low-key), and surprised at how bold and confident I was to go so low. Anyways, I was forming confident and bold and explaining myself but at some point, I started feeling bad like I made a mistake and felt embarrassed to go out. So, I made up my mind not to leave the house till it grew back a bit. My friend came over the next day and we were bored so she’s like she had stuff to do in school and needed me to go with her – which I did. And we ended up taking this random dope picture in the bus.

The quick shot.


Afterwards, we went to a Fastfood around to chill and I had on this bold dark purple lipstick, huge shades and earrings. While ordering, a lady walked up to me and told me she loved my hair. And honestly she had no idea how much she made my day. I went from a 60 to a 100, and of course my girl had already hyped me before we left the house so that was how my confidence even got up tp on a 60. Yup, Shoutout to my homegirl Alex, I appreciate you always.

I see this as one of my hair experiments and yeah let’s see how it plays out.
So I started in March when I trimmed off the permed hair for a healthy growth. Half the time I looked really confused with it because it was almost always scattered and when I tried to create a dread look it looked scattered, when I combed it , it looked uneven. I mean, what else could a girl do though?
Seeing I;m naturally a herbalist (as my mum calls me), and naturalista, I love to play around with organic stuff and see how it benefits my health, skin, hair and overall well being. I practically have all the natural solutions for your wellbeing!


Okay, carry on.

Here is a 3 ingredient deep conditioner which aided my hair to grow in volumes.


Marniya Organics Hair Mayonnaise (with Black Castor Oil & Avocado Oil)

Raw Honey (unprocessed)

Double Sheen Olive Oil.

Double Sheen Olive Oil

Ceramic Bowl and Plastic spoon.

Hot Water in a Bowl.


1. Put in about 6 teaspoons of the Hair Mayonnaise or 3 Tablespoons or just as much as is sufficient. Just make sure it’s enough to go round your hair. This could be substituted with the usual mayonnaise used for salad dressing.

2. Put in 5 teaspoons of honey or as desired and mix in.

3. Pour in 2 teaspoons of Olive Oil and mix in.

4. Mix it up properly, it should have a cream colour due to the brownish colour of Honey.
5. Pour Hot Water in a dip bowl, and put the bowl which contains the conditioner into it.

6. Stir gradually and occasionally look out for when it gets warm by placing the spoon or spatula at the back of your palm.
7. Remove from Bowl and it’s ready to use.
8. Scoop with your hands and apply gradually into hair and scalp, covering every area.
9. It would be advisable to divide your hair into parts if it is very long and full.
10. Massage into the scalp for about 3-5 minutes.
11. Cover with a shower cap or a plastic cap to seal in moisture and create warmth.
12. Leave for 20-30 minutes.
13. Wash with warm water and use a shampoo afterwards to cleanse properly.
14. Dry with a clean towel.
15. Apply leave-in conditioner and olive oil.
16. Twist as desired and leave overnight or up to 6 hours.
17. Loosen the twists, and use your fingers to comb through.


The Marniya Hair Mayonnaise has a thick creamy texture which is great for the hair as it makes it very soft, easy to go through and detangle. Gives it an amazing texture. Plus it has black castor oil for rich hair growth and avocado oil for healthy growth. It goes roughly for about 3,000 Naira or so.

Raw Honey is nature’s favourite as it is versatile and used for the inner and outer body. It is rich in nutrients such as and makes the hair soft, voluminous, healthy and treats breakage, dandruff, cleanses the hair and is rich in anti-oxidants which prevent damage. A small bottle can be gotten for about 1,500 Naira. I prefer to buy the raw kind and not the imported ones in fancy bottles, because they seem processed and I just don’t trust to try it out.

Olive oil is for moisture, and unlike coconut oil it doesn’t dry out the hair and it keeps the moisture locked in, makes the hair shine, treats hair breakage and aids in hair growth. It’s thick and smells ‘alright’. I got this for product for 2,330 Naira only to find it for 1,900 Naira elsewhere. Guess who was soooooooo mad, yup. Me!

I noticed that after I twisted my hair, it appeared fuller and longer. I was so stunned actually and did not expect the result seeing as it was my first time doing so. My intention was to rock the twists for the week, but that morning I woke up and looked in the mirror and I’m like nope, I can’t. So, I loosened and styled it.

That’s it. Till next time xx.


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Hello. Welcome to my blog. This is where I let out my anger and frustration in other not to become a nuisance to the world. So let’s say it’s a win-win. Now, we can all hold hands and sing 'kumbaya'. Thanks for visiting, and I really hope you enjoyed it. Well, it’s not like you really have much of a choice hey. Love xx.

23 thoughts on “My Hair Grew in Volumes and Length in Just 6 Months! Here’s my DIY 3-Ingredient Deep Conditoner.

  1. Thanks so much babygirl! This is so helpful/ needed because am too lazy with my natural hair. So am gonna try it out and give you feedback later. Ps: I love your blog❤️❤️

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I’m usually a one off person when it comes to my natural hair… One method this month, another next month…I’ll definitely give this a try…hope it works for me though

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Ugo thank you so much.. I can confidently try on a hair growth routine that is trusted and tested. I’m on natural but haven’t found a routine for my hair.. I think I could get on with this and believe for better outcome.. Keep inspiring girl more grace..

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Thank you so much dear. I really appreciate. Another thing is to stay consistent,be dedicated but don’t think much about it. It will grow and that’s for certain. Thanks for visiting girl!


  3. I’m usually the one off person when it comes to my haur,…. Try this this month and another next month…. So, I’ll definitely give this a try… Hope it works for me

    Liked by 1 person

  4. My hair isn’t natural though… I’ve not left the permed hair gang yet. Lol.. But I don’t know if this applies to me.
    It was really helpful though and your hair looks so gooood!


  5. After several months, I finally got a chance to read from what’s “in me for you.” Nah!! I guess it’s better when you say it.😂😂

    It took quite some time to read through, but you’ve got this charm to make one stay put and keep reading till the end.

    I’m coming back for more.

    I’m done with everything that has been keeping busy.

    I love this post in particular.

    I’d use this recipe for my younger sisters. They’d love it.

    I like my hair short, less than 1cm. That’s because I have beautiful rounds of sporty waves😋😋.

    Do you have something for my type?

    Your No.1 fan.
    Love your post.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so so much Chi. Lol. I’m really glad you found the blog interesting and the posts worthwhile. I’m here to keep you posted here with more frequent content. Please also subscribe for the newsletters which comes in immediately there’s a new post. I really wish I could see a picture of your hair, it would be really dope.

      I have experminented a little bit with my hair and have gone as low as that at some point. For me, the trick is to keep it moisturized and play around with gels and combs to keep it fun.

      Thank you ❤.


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