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7 Things To Look Out For When Choosing Skin Care Products.

Healthy skin over glowing skin. Love your skin!

There are humans and there are those who call complexion; colour. Stay away from them (look at number 6). I figured that this post was long overdue and decided to get on with it, because I’m tired of hearing all the wrong conversations amongst females in the skincare section in the supermarket which often ends up with one of them getting the wrong product.

Not every product is for you, because it worked for Helen who had the same skin issue you had or has the same skin tone you have doesn’t mean it would work for you. So plis dears, girls and boys, Mummies and Daddies, Aunties and Uncles, Madam’s and Oga’s welcome on board.

Know your skin type

Super IMPORTANT. There are Four major skin types which are the oily skin, dry skin, normal skin and the combination skin which a lot of people refer to as ‘Sensitive skin’ (myself inclusive, so I apologize). Not sure of your skin type? Take this quiz.

Oily skin as the name entails is often oily and has a lot of moisture almost at all times. This category is where alot of people fall in, like myself and it’s really important to stay away from oily products for the face except essential oils like almond oil which can be used. Generally, just avoid them like a plague. Usually acne prone too. O.S can also be associated with large, open pores and are often called ‘glow’ by a huge number of people. So Sis, is your skin really glowing or is it just your oily skin in all its glory glistening under the sun? (No shade!).

Dry skin is well very dry and looks cracked. This skin type requires moisture often. The combination skin posesses both characteristics in different areas and has specific requirements. While the Normal skin is well, normal and balanced. So, it’s best you study the areas that are oily and dry and see a specialist too. Knowing your skin type serves as a guide to choosing a product.

Research On The Ingredients You Should Look Out For on a Product For Your Skin Type.

That is what is ideal for your skin type for the kind of products you want to purchase. For cleansers, glycolic acid is often found in them but for some people with oily skin it dries out their skin or too irritating for Combination Skin types. Questions like ‘What ingredient should you look out for in a toner? Lotions or Oils? Cleansers or Soaps? For your cosmetic products as well, if you have oily skin go for water based foundations and if you have dry skin go for oil-based so that way your makeup doesn’t look like a mask. Create a balance and use your Google people!

Product Packaging

Some product packaging dey burst brain, no jokes. They’ll just be looking selense and standing out on the shelf. Asides the fine packaging that most of them might have, look out for those with less chances of spillage or the tube breaking, pump spoiling, it’s flexibility as well. For instance, if you’re getting a lip balm you’d be carrying in your bag often, it should be preferably in a tube or plastic or metallic container not some fancy glass container that looks like it costs a million bucks. How much content does the product have? What’s with the Made In Malaysia product that has an Ondo Address? Details that should be looked out for while shopping. Now you see why ladies spend forever at the store.

Go for Quality , Not Hype!

Clichè but he who has ears, let him hear. There are some brands that are already known and trusted that is not to say you shouldn’t try out other options. But the branding of a product can even tell you alot about it’s effectiveness, many atimes. Go for what works for your skin type, no matter how rare it is to find or unpopular. Remember that it’s the most accessible products that have the most fakes. That doesn’t mean you should go and start looking for only scarce products o, so do your thing.

Go Less on the Chemicals.

I recently heard a story of someone who used to use (over 30 years ago) a hard hamman sponge, a harsh soap for ‘toning’ a.k.a bleaching, a mixture of harsh ‘toning’ creams in tubes. My people,it was just a lot. Well, let’s just say it didn’t turn out well for that person as the person suffers from a ‘rainbow-skin complexion‘ now, unfortunately. So please go less with the chemicals, mix it up, do some organic DIY treatment, use that honey or aloe Vera soap and ditch that horrible smelling cream with ingredients you do not understand.

Don’t Get Advice From Those Who Call Complexion; Colour.

Very important. Don’t say I never did anything nice for you. These category of people have a first class degree in changing the skin products per skin ‘colour’ they see and find attractive. You always find them in the skincare section engaging one or two people whose ‘colour’ they like on the previous products they’ve used, those that started making them dark so they stopped and about the new product that transformed their friend’s skin so they want to try it out now. Ha! I meet them every single time. And it’s interesting to see their expression when I tell them I use coconut oil or shea butter on my skin and I feel so glad and proud when they decide to purchase one too. Please, love your complexion. There’s nothing like colour. If you’re a brown skinned person, you are a brown skinned person and if you transition into on lighter complexion, you are bleaching. It is not your real colour coming out (whatever that means). Stay consistent with one product, changing products a lot can create underlying skin problems you might not discover now. Choose a product that maintains your complexion. A body lotion is not supposed to wipe away your scars plis dears, it’s to replenish and rejuvenate. Thank you for coming to my TED talk. Love yourself, and see a certified specialist.

See a Dermatologist!

Yes, walk into the pharmacy or store and have a session with the specialist. Book an appointment if need be, send them a DM and organize a virtual session. Your skin matters, get the right treatments and products.

Choose healthy skin over spotless skin. Healthy skin requires feeding your body with the right foods, fruits and vegetables So that it glows from within. Stay hydrated. Spotless skin might just be you unconsciously stretching your skin and wiping away the skin surface with harsh products. Love your skin and your skin would love you. Selah.

Love xx.

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  1. Wonderful post. I would like to share this blog on my blog: Selah Oils. I make body creme- made with shea butter, coconut oil, grapeseed oil and essential oils from doTERRA. Since you mentioned that you use shea butter and coconut oil on your skin, that would be great for both of us. Please let me know if it’s ok for me to post your blog on my blog page.

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