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SPOTS: I Had A Lunch Date at One of My Favourite Spots in Town and Here’s My Verdict.

‘You’re like melody, my heart skips a beat.’

My weekend was an interesting combination of stress and fun at the same time. You know that very deserving treat you give to yourself after a long day of hussling and getting things done. Yes, this was my entire mood after I had just spent almost 4 hours in and around the market area, and imagine even got into a fight with one of those agberos that sell stuff; I mean this brother started hitting us with the clothes he was selling o. It really got me so mad and exhausted and I wondered how soon regulations were going to be brought into the market place to avoid such nuisance and females being the most targeted with the unconsented arm grabbing and touching of bodies; in times like this your own body disgusts you and you just feel so vulnerable and uncomfortable to exist in a public space.

That aside, I already had a pre-scheduled lunch date with one of my babes and I knew I wasn’t going to miss it for anything. Apart from the fact that we hadn’t seen in a while, it would be a great opportunity to introduce her to my favourite place in town which is something I like to do, alot. And I feel proud of it (don’t judge me for trying to epp your life o)

It was stipulated for 3pm but I got home around that time so we had to reschedule till 4pm and I thought perfect; the sun would be down by then so it’s a done deal.

Few minutes after waiting for a taxi, I was lucky to get a free ride to a close-by junction to the place by a pleasant cab driver who liked my hat. A sign, my people.

I stepped into the place and it seemed as familiar as it used to. Calm, homely, bright, exciting, and while I waited for my date’s arrival. Trust me to coax the man at service there to take pictures which he so pleasantly did. (Thank you Uche!)

She arrived and was as cute and quirky as she always did. Here’s a picture.

We proceeded to make our orders and then he brought out these trays of sweet goodness and I was like ‘yass, but first of all a picture’.

They usually have varieties of cakes to choose from from the chocolate cake to their moist chocolate cake that melts into your mouth, leaves you orgasmic and wanting more. You can’t just have one, you would have to go ‘ We die here’, because that was me the first time I had it.

We proceeded with our orders. She choose coffee and I took a Ginger + Honey tea which was displayed in this cute tea pack that has ‘tea’ inscribed on it.

Less than 15 minutes and everything was set before us, like the table my father in heaven set in the presence of my enemies. Hahahahaha. It looked so beautiful and ‘first of all, pictures‘ was my slogan all day so we had some.

We had deep conversations about really every part of our lives from God and Faith, highlighting the challenges we encounter as young Christian females, careers and future goals and aspirations, academics, relationship choices, marriage, society. It was really just such a well-rounded conversation that needed to be had, because it really put a lot of things in stronger perspective, got to learn a whole lot from her angle and got re-affirmation of the kind of persons we would like to be associated as. We are really not in this struggle alone and it’s the people that make it easier. By the way, she’s an Architect so watch out in your neighbourhood she might just be the one designing that mind-blowing structure.

By the way, the name of this place is Sunbeam Cake Studio formerly Sunbeam Coffee Shop. I guess they did the transition to properly focus on what their specialty is, which is cakes. And for some weird reason, alot of people do not know about it yet even though they’ve been in Owerri since 2014. They specialise in pastries of any sort, those mouth watering kind with tea, coffee, cappuccino, smoothie depending on your preference. They previously used to sell meals and their smoked chicken was a fave, but it probably wasn’t beneficial to then anymore so they had to stop.

It gives off a very calming, homely vibe and the decor is everything. It’s really just a small space to get inspired to get things done!

I absolutely love the Sunbeam Cake Studio and if you’re in Owerri, you should visit it. It’s located at MCC Road, just after happy food bakery if you’re coming from Wethedral/MCC junction, and few blocks after Tracas from Uratta area. Opposite Celebrities World Boutique.

It’s a great place and I recommend it. Rating it a 6 out of 7.


My 7 is very hard to come by no matter how great I think is is. Lol.

So as I rode home listening to You Are Like Melody, My Heart by M.I Abaga I felt very satisfied.

Meanwhile, what do you think about my new cards? I actually designed them myself. Unno designer and all 😂😂.

Remember this post?

Well Design 101 2.0 is back bigger and better, click here to register.

Have a great week and be on the look out, you might just get an INMEFORYOU Card. Something bigger is coming!




Ankara blouse: R.T.W found it hanging somewhere so I did a random buy.

Shoes: Random buy somewhere around school. I love these shoes.

Bag: Old bag from around the corner.

Hat: Ama-Hausa Market.

Most of My favourite stuff are actually random buys and I enjoy going bargain-hunting for good stuff.You know affordable shouldn’t mean low quality stuff.


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18 thoughts on “SPOTS: I Had A Lunch Date at One of My Favourite Spots in Town and Here’s My Verdict.

  1. Lol i stayed glued to every word o. My main area of concentration was the location of the place. I never knew such places existed in the owerri 😁 I’ve always imagined going on a date or official meeting and ordering ‘tea or coffee’ . Yaaaaasssss my imagination came true ’cause I’m bursting in there very soon. 😁 😁 thanks to you

    Liked by 1 person

  2. It’s been an amazing write up!
    Been an owerri boy. Lol.
    I imagined the whole journey till you described the place, since 2014? I sure didn’t pay attention to such cool places. Honestly wouldn’t regret my choice of hangouts at the time.

    Listening some oldies and reading this. You sure got me on this one.

    Don’t stop writing! Good wishes!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ebuka!!!! Thank you so much. There have always been cool, nice places to chill in Owerri but people like the trending places where everyone goes to. I enjoy discovering places where I can go to without being seen, like this and used to hoard them in the past. But recently I’m like let’s all enjoy this awesomeness together.

      Thank you again ❤


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