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Spots: OWERRI CHAW FEST is here! – Bring Your Bellies.

Bring your bellies!

Happy New Month IMFYites. How are y’all doing? It’s the 2nd to the last month of the year and now we are counting down to the end of the year.

This is not the time to feel disappointed at Your self for your expectations, but count your blessings. Trust your process and be optimistic about what’s to come.

My 7 months old natural hair 😍

Read here: My D.I.Y Deep Conditioner.

Speaking about what’s to come, there’s something exciting coming through this December for my Owerri people. It’s the Owerri Chaw Fest!!!

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Listening to Orisun by @femileye from his latest E.P and having a great morning 😁. ~ I'm also super excited to announce Inmeforyou as the official media partner for @owerrichawfest. Owerri Chaw Fest is an annual food festival in its maiden edition coming to yaaaa life and direct this December. So my hommies and my people, better pack your bags, and your extra bellies and get ready because it's going to be extra lit. ~ You won't have to run to your village on the the 19th this time around 😂😂. Follow up on all activities for the #OwerriChawFest on as soon as they come through. Tickets are already selling, so follow @owerrichawfest to make a purchase, I mean it's also like super affordable. ~ I can really type long things shaa 😂. The next 2 pictures is my mood for the rest of the year. Meanwhile, look at my hair embarrassing me with growth 😍. Just loosened the braids and haven't even done a wash or anything. ~ To find out my D.I.Y deep conditioner, visit the blog ❤ . And I love you! . #Inmeforyou #TheUgonna #OwerriChawFest #Reviews

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OWF is an annual food festival in its maiden edition where attendees get access to meals from various food vendors and caterers. All the things you can ever think that is edible. Rice meals, smoothie, shawarma, small chops, burger, pastries, healthy snacks, salads all of that.

It is happening on the 22nd of December at the Children’s Park, New Owerri opposite Concord hotel in Owerri, Imo State.

There would be games, performances from artistes, networking, connecting, selfies, pictures, great music, and ofcourse chaaawwww. It’s going to be so fab. So come through!

This is not the time to run to your village for the Christmas on the 17th of December, Owerri is about to be very lit.

Tickets are selling for just N500 Naira, and for sponsorship, enquiries and details follow @OwerriChawFest on all Social Media platforms. There would be giveaways too.


Spread the word!


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