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Ugonna’s Christmas Wishlist!

‘All I want for Christmas is you’

Christmas reminds me of what real roses would smell like for those who have actually smelt them before, except that in this part of my world I don’t know I know what a real rose smells like. Just the fragrances from body butters or perfumes and their alike.

Morning breeze with a dusty smell sweeps across your face in the mornings, waking up late and excited, Mariah Carey’s ‘All I want for Christmas is you’ playing on, chickens and turkeys being slaughtered while the rest turn their faces away at the sight of blood, jollof rice steaming in the pot and its aroma filling the entire house, binge watching Christmas romance movies for hours with chin chin and malt as a snack, crossover nights prophesying into the new year at church, kissing into the new year with the glimmer of hope in the eyes of everyone. Confident in the magic of the next year.

And what else does Christmas reminds us of? Gifts, and gifts, and gifts. Lots of caring, sharing and love. That was the true message of Christ, to show love, to be love.

Recently I made a post on my Instagram on love and the way it is portrayed by people in this part of the world.

That being said, I’m going to be sharing my Christmas Wishlist with you all. A wishlist is a list of things you wish to have. Wow. Such tautology. It’s like things or items you plan on purchasing or getting. I had 10, but I had to streamline them down to 7.

1. To host my blog: Purchase the Inmeforyou domain and customising my blog, upgrading my wordpress plan. Currently I use the free plan on wordpress that’s why you see Ads here, and it means that I do not have access to certain features such as Yoast for SEO optimization, some themes etc. I would really love to host my blog before the year runs out, it is top of my list.

2. More Brouges/Fun shoes: I occasionally spend my time scrolling through the shoe section on the Zara website because those people want my soul. I am probably willing to sell one or two of my friends to buy some of the shoes I see, because wow. Brouges, moccasins, that are quite edgy are literally my weakness. Then if they have zagged soles – please just take me too. I love really fun and edgy shoes because life should be fun, but my shoes should be more fun. Or more like let my shoes do the talking. I also like shoes with solid soles because on flat soles, I walk very awkward and I’m a bit light on my feet and it makes me stumble. I just hate flat soles whether on slippers, flats, sneakers etc.

3. Tripod Stand for Smartphones: This is a tripod specifically for Smartphones,to hold them in place to capture images or make videos. I plan on using mine to make videos for my platform @anowerribabe where I would share important stories and have interviews with people of the society (not necessarily the popular and successful ones, ONLY!).

4. An oversized blazer: Yasss! I’m trying to pull off the Margaret Zhang in me, so don’t judge me. I have a couple of blazers and I love how I feel in them. An oversized blazer preferably with tweed or stripes would be the perfect addition I need to my wardrobe, already thinking of all the ways I can style them.

5. Good Girl by Caroline Herrera: An entire fave. Smells like schmoneeeyyy and ability to pepper your enemies. Lmao. I need!

6. A White/Sky Blue/Olive Green power suit: No. No. I do not mean an Ironman suit kind of power suit. Power suit like the kind Genevieve wore,or Lupita, Michelle Obama, Lady Vodka. I want it in immaculate white, sky blue or in olive green as a skirt suit. I’m looking forward to pairing it with a sleek ponytail, pointies and a tiny Jacquemus bag or just any mini bag (Lol. I have none of these, but just incase unno)

7. A nice long center-parted wig: Or maybe a fringe one to spice my look up.


Others on this wishlist include a mi-fi with unlimited data access for 3-6 months, lots of metallic eccentric jewellery and moneyyy, schmoneyyyyyy!!!!!!

Wishlists are so cool and help you look forward to working harder to clear them off. This is the first time I’m actually making one and it was just so much fun.


What do religous holidays mean to you? What do you enjoy doing during that time? And most importantly what is love to you?


Remember that Owerri Chaw Fest is coming up on the 22nd of December so if you’re excited let me get a ‘Hiya!’


For partmership and inquiries, call or text 08166372966, 07038306570. Email or just send me a DM ASAP.

*Tickets goes for 500 Naira, it can be purchased on and it’s going to be awesome, let’s all turn out and have some fun. I’m going to be there ofcourse eating, taking pictures and handing out Inmeforyou cards so come through ❤.

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