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The Review: Hadassa Beauty Organic Products.

What’s your conversation starter?

For me, I think it’s my general vibe and personality as a ‘cool kid’. I think? But more often than not, it’s usually something about my style that people use to start conversations with me. It could be my sunglasses, my hair, my shoes, a jacket, watch bracelet etc. Even as I write this post, I could point out some items in my closet that are always conversation starters. They must be so cool ehn?

But on this day, yes this day.

On the 22nd of December, 2018 I attended the Owerri Chaw Fest which I so carefully documented on my Insta stories and my platform An Owerri Babe on Instagram. I would probably put up a post here for those who are not on my Instagram.

As you can already guess, the conversation starter that day was MY HAIR. Everyone I met or who met me loved it. They complimented it so much, who would have thought that it took me less than 20 minutes to style this thick bush resting on my scalp.

I received some products from Hadassa Beauty who was a vendor at the Owerri Chaw Fest. In the pack contained the Chocolate Body Lotion, Conditioning Shampoo, Leave-In Conditioner, and the Hair Stimulating Oil.

Here’s my honest,very honest Inmeforyou Review.

Chocolate Body Lotion

It’s a light brown colour and smells so good, so I could guess where the ‘Chocolate’ came in – the colour. It dries quickly which was very ideal for me, because I’m not a fan of lotions because it makes me sweat. Even though it dries really quickly, it doesn’t dry out the skin. So, I could comfortably use it during the Harmattan and I wasn’t ashy, so yes that’s a plus. Mixing it with oils for a more glowing and moisturizing effect is advisable especially if you have really dry skin. This right here was my Night Time Lotion.

Retails for N4,000.

Conditioning Shampoo

Very foamy. Lathers so easily, first time I used it I thought I had switched it for normal soap (don’t judge me!). It’s lovely. For me, that’s a plus because my hair is thick like a forest,so I didn’t have to struggle to get it entirely covered. A bottle can go a long way. Easy to comb through. Nice. I think it was made with a black soap base because I could see black soap particles but no! It didn’t stick in my hair. I loved it.

Retails for N2,000 for 250ml.

Hair Growth Stimulating Oil

Small but mighty. It has a strong, minty, smell like Menthol was a major ingredient for it. It sets the hair on fire, literally. You can feel your follicles stimulated, and many might not like it but I love it. Love how hot it is. But not too hot like Atarodo is on your hair. It’s warm. I usually mixed this in a spray bottle with the Leave-In Conditioner and Water. Spray, spray…then happiness! Did it stimulate the growth? I think so actually. In volumes. I used this around my edges, and well let’s just say they are popping.

Retails for N1,500 for 30ml.

Leave-In Conditioner

Saving the best for the last! This is my all-time favourite in my journey of using leave-in conditioners…which didn’t begin too long ago though. For once, my stylist said my hair was soft as she already fired up her energy to comb through. That feeling was bliss. She was used to seeing me with my tangled and hard hair. But this conditioner changed the game, little goes a long way and it’s so effective. Soft, smells good, just lovely.

That was all I used to style my hair or rather all I’ve been using to style my hair since then. I so much loveeettt.

Retails for N1,500 for 250ml.

My rating is 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 out of 7.

Sidenote: The containers and packaging would have been a whole lot better.

That’s it for my review today.

Would you try these products? What do you look out for when choosing an organic product?


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