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StyleFormation: How To Find Your Style.

How Do I Look?

There’s a show that airs on E! and it’s called How Do I Look? In every episode, ladies who have a sad (yes, sad!) taste in style and fashion are brought on the show through nominations by their family or friends. The idea is to pimp up their style, and the first step to doing that is to let them know how much their appearance affects their daily life and how they are adressed as persons in the society.

From this show, I picked out something. A lot of people do not know their style. They do not know what they like. To them, if it’s in their size then why not?

This post is dedicated to helping you find your style; male or female as these steps and tips are for all and sundry.

Analyse Your Wardrobe

Hang your clothes in your wardrobe in an order. This is exactly how I always organize my wardrobe – From Right to Left or Left to Right.

The long dresses & Skirts, overcoats, kimonos – Short Dresses – Blazers, Jackets, Sweatshirt, Hoodies – Shirts, Blouses, Tops – Shorter Skirts, Midi’s, Mini’s – Trousers, Shorts.

For the men, it would be the same, just some substitutes. It would look diagonal. As this is according to length and kind.

After this has been done, take a step back and look at your wardrobe. What do you see? What colours or hues do you see? Lots of Prints? Monochrome? Nudes? Black and Whites? Ankara? More pants than skirts? Chiffon blouses? Take a long look at your wardrobe and analyse the kind of fabrics, textures, patterns and colours that you see.

Put Down Your Findings.

Get a pen and a jotter and put down these findings. In this order. You know how their are dominant and recessive genes in the DNA, just like that. Which fabrics or colours are dominant and which are recessive in your present wardrobe?

Make a table and list them.

Take a Style Quiz.

Congrats. You’ve taken this bold step. But if this step is not taken, confusion might set in. Now you know the dominant and recessive patterns in your wardrobe, so now how do you define your style.

Is it Classy, Elegant, Bohemian, Boho-Chic, Athleisure, Gothic?

Go to Visual Therapy and take this Style Quiz.

Here, you would be asked some questions on your preferences and using an algorithm with the polls you’ve answered, your style personality would be revealed.

Make a List of Things You Like

Well, Well, Well. So far, so good. Now, you know your Style Personality. That is if you were honest with yourself during the polls.

Make a list of things you like. Doesn’t necessary have to be in vogue or trendy.

Here’s an example of my list.

Visit Fashion Blogs & Pages for Inspo.

How about we get some inspiration on how to style this newly self-aware personality that you possess. If you are on Instagram, there are some fashion pages you could visit.





Or use the #FashionInspo #MensFashion that kind of thing.

Yes. Google it. Type in ‘Your Style Personality + Style Inspo’ or ‘How to Style ‘Your Style Personality’ Men’. It would look this way.

Bohemian Style Inspo, How to Style Bohemian Men.

Inspo means Inspiration. Pinterest would also be very helpful.

Go shopping.

Now you know what your style is. Go shopping, could be Thrifts, Online Shopping or In-store.

Here’s a hack. Looking at your style personality, try to match it with the style of any celebrity or famous person that you know. For instance, mine might be Elegant and Anne Hathaway or Lupita Nyongo identify with it. When I go shopping, I would think – Would Anne or Lupita wear this? Would Idris Elba wear this? Somehow it would help you streamline the things you want to buy, so you don’t buy something you would regret that looks good on a mannequin but you can’t style it.

Check out The Thrift Hub

Stay True To It.

Be faithful to your style. It’s okay to switch up your style and even change it but while doing so, you’d find out that it would still be in the same spectrum of your previous personalities.

It’s only on few and rare occasions that one switches up from like Elegant to Gothic, or Gothic to Bohemian…like The Good Girl Gone Bad. From White To Black. Or Black to White. More like Black, Grey then White.

That’s it on Style Evolution for today’s post. Next, we’d be discussing How to Create Your Style for the Trendsetters.

Bookmark this. More is coming.

Love xx


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