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Lazy Days? What To Wear.

We don’t feel like doing anything today! And that’s okay.

Trust me, I understand how you feel. There are days it feels like you woke up on the wrong side of the bed, like everything seems to go ‘one-kind‘. Your face looks weird in the mirror and somehow you don’t have the energy to do anything. Other than sleep, eat and repeat.

Unfortunately or fortunately, you have to leave that bed, couch or comfort zone and go out. Could be for lectures, errands, a meeting you can’t miss. Now, you stare at your wardrobe for 30 minutes, thinking what do I wear?’

Think no more fellas! With this post, we would look at 5 outfits which could work on lazy days and still have you looking fab!

Cardigan/Hoodie on Denim/Joggers

A large woolen cardigan or hoodie can never do you wrong. It’s comfortable, soft, airy, warm and makes you feel like you’re a baby in a cot. They could be styled as off shoulders or a button up. Wear this with mom jeans, joggers, boyfriend jeans, denim shorts or even skinny ripped jeans if you want something fitted and you’re good to go. A pendant or statement metallic necklace preps the look and you’re fab. This could be paired with Sneakers or Birkenstocks preferably to create the ultimate comfort.

Maybe throw in a hat, and hello Cow girl or boy. Because this outfit goes both ways.

Short Summer Dress with a Jacket

Get that short, flirty sun dress you own. You might not be feeling so flirty-ish but it’s cool, because that’s what the jacket is for. Jackets always enhances any look at all. You could put on rags, but put a nice jacket over and you’re good to go.

It could be leather, denim, cotton and you’re good to go. Pair this with flip flops, sandals and even sneakers if you can rock it and done!

Ankara Pants on a Tee

This reminded me of one of my friends Ikenna because this is one of his signature looks. Ankara Pants in any style is a must-have in every wardrobe. Male or Female. It’s very versatile. Pair this with a plain tee, graphic tee’s or Inscription Tees. Any footwear of comfort goes with this.

Colours of the Ankara print pops, Inscription Tees are great conversation starters, and for a minute you might forget that you were having a lazy day.

*Sunnies for spice.

Chiffon Palazzo on a Turtle Neck or Crop Top.

Chiffon pants scream comfort at its highest frequency. This also is a must have in every wardrobe. Pair this with a turtle neck top or a comfortable crop top with sandals and you’re on your way to have a great time.

Hair Tip: Pull your hair up or back, so your facial contours are enhanced, as the turtle neck creates an illusion of a longer neck. You wouldn’t want to hide that, would ya?

Denim Romper

Fits in the right places, comfortable, super stylish and ideal for day and night time. It always works.

Would you rock any of these Lazy Day Outfits? And if so which is your favourite?

Hope these tips help us all out.

Till next post.

Love xx.




All Pictures Credit: Pinterest


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