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My Top 10 Romantic Movies.

Live boldly, push yourself, don’t settle.’

One way to know you’ve watched a good movie is if you have to re-watch parts of it. And that was how I felt watching Bohemian Rhapsody and some other great movies which I’m going to list here. You never know how much impact a movie can have in your life until you start to see parts of it play out in your normal day life, you start to see yourself as a character. Like a pawn in the game of chess. Tick-tock. Checkmate.


To say this movie changed my life would not be an understatement or over exaggeration because it actually did. Me Before you portrayed love in a way I had never thought of it. What happens to people who fall in love with persons with terminal illness or disabilities? How do they manage that? How do you get over a lover who wants to die or decides to take their life? Me Before You tells the story of Emilia Clarke a caregiver to a quadriplegic who became incapacitated after an accident. Before then was a vibrant, bubbling, smart young man. His current state drained almost every part of him and he didn’t see the need to live any more. In the process, he falls in love with his caretaker who is from a struggling family and badly needed the job. It tells a story of two persons from different backgrounds falling in love in a difficult situation. Well, eventually he opts for euthanasia and leaves a letter for Emilia. ‘Just live well. Just live’ it read. After watching this movie, I developed interests in persons who are quadraplegic and also acquired knowledge on euthanasia, trying to understand how they felt. This movie changed the way I saw life, how I saw love, how I felt towards life. It changed me. For the better.

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Two persons with terminal illnesses fall in love. One eventually dies. The life lessons in this movie taught me how to love one day at a time. And made me realise that we should at some point in our lives experience love.

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I’m torn between giving a synopsis and describing how the movie made me feel. The Notebook made understand that love can be whatever you want it to be, there are no rules and no boundaries and with matters of the heart; do what needs to be done. The world would be alright.

When love finds you, don’t run away it. Let it.

A classic that tells the love story of two young people who fall in love as teenagers, and whose hearts are on fire for each other. They have this electric connection that makes them fall in love with each other everyday. At an elderly age, the woman falls ill and is diagnosed with Amnesia. So the man writes a book about their lives and reads it to her everyday hoping that someday she would remember all about them and they would live together for the rest of their lives. But it kept happening in flashes and for a very short time. Eventually, while she recovers her momeroy for a short while,they kiss in each other’s arms and decided to die together. So they sleep in each other’s arms and never wake up.

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First off, the soundtrack was perfect. The black king and queen were so beautiful and perfect. I love love love the entire production. It was beautiful and the story was even more perfect. Made me so emotional and also angry. Angry at the entire justice system and it’s maltreatment towards black people. This movie was sighted in the 60’s, but the twist is that this is still experienced in recent times. A black man was unlawful imprisoned at the testimony of a white woman who claimed she saw a black man rape her, but the thing is she didn’t see his face and she couldn’t tell out whom it was. So the first black man walking down the same street was arrested and taken to jail. After much persuasion from his family to let her say the truth and set him free she insisted and he was tried and sent to prison. He was to marry the love of his life, and while he was in jail she had a child for him. They’ve been friends since they were kids. Friends who became lovers. The love they had for each other was out of this world. The entire journey of them realising that they were in love with each other, growing together, raising a family together while he was in jail was remarkable. Hope and faith in the midst of it all. I looooovveeee it.

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Again, Sam Clafin is like the ultimate on-screen romance character. Showed his journey of falling in love with his childhood first love and well, at first things didn’t fall in place at first as he went off to college while she stayed back to nurse their love child which he never knew about. But it eventually all came together. You would love it.

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Electrifying, spectacular, stellar, perfect, amazing are some of the few ones I could use to describe this movie. Rami Malek killed it,like murdered the role and brought life to Freddie Mercury and it felt so deserving to know that he won an Oscar for it. The movie is about the life of the lead singer of the rock band Queen which was quite big in the 70’s and 80’s. Naturally, this doesn’t exactly fall into the category of a romantic movie but I felt love when I watched it. The love for their music, and art, the passion behind every performance, and most importantly watching random strangers become a family and bonding through music. I could tell that Freddie was a very sensual person who saw music as an outlet to be who is really was. What better romance than that?

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Imagine falling in love with someone who is a different person everyday, physically that is. Could be a boy today or a girl tomorrow. Same age, never the same person twice. It’s like falling in love with a spirit, the soul of a person not physical attributes. Well, that’s what this movie is about. I’ve watched a lot of romance movies to be able to predict how it ends, but this one I couldn’t. I felt love in one of its rarest forms, and I loved that I loved how it made me feel. A must watch. Recommended.

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Almost similar to the cliche Nollywood storylines found in the shelves of stores at Oshodi market or Upper Iweka in the most industrious city in Africa, Aba. A Prince disguises to be a pauper, or a servant and falls in love with a poor girl from a low-class or middle-class home. Boom! She finds out he’s a prince after she had agreed to marry him. The family is reluctant to accept their love at first, but with time their love persists. Her life changes for the better and they live Happily Ever After. Except that in this movie, their was no Prince; just a stinkingly rich Billionaire and hier to an empire and a smart, pretty and independent professor. The display of Asian wealth, the beauty of Singapore, the diversity and the growth that both families had to experience to come together. Loved loved it.

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Great production, stellar cast with Cate Blanchett snatching our wigs as the queen that she is. I loved it. And the Soundtrack was spectacular.

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I love high school teenage stories, and I genuinely can’t wait for Nollywood to start creating movie productions that show romance amongst young people. It’s not a crime or something you should make them feel guilty about. It’s a natural feeling of affection that should only be expressed, but taught to be controlled. True love is beautiful. If you love watching movies that make you giddy and excited like a teenager, this is the one.

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Drops Mic! I really hope you love these movies as much as I did and see the magic and effect that true love can create in our lives.


Thank you so much Francesca for your contributions. Unfortunately I haven’t been able to find those movies or a site to watch them. But I will look out for them

Thank you for your patience. I love love you all.

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17 thoughts on “My Top 10 Romantic Movies.

  1. ‘Me before you’ and ‘The fault in our stars’ taught me all much about unconditional love, the selfless kind that takes over you but doesn’t consume you, excites you without burning you up and teaches you to give it all, withholding nothing. I enjoyed reading this article.

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  2. I watched 6/10 definitely most of these movies teach us to love like its our last day together …in this world where every oneare rushing things
    Beautiful article 💖💖

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  3. Have watched most of the movies, Bohemian Rhapsody thou!! I think I cried when I found out Freddie got the Aids… Truly felt love while watching it.. You should check it ‘where hands touch’ I was drowned in my own tears while watching it. Plus it’s a romance movie… How epic!!

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  4. ‘Me Before You’ made me cry I won’t lie. After seeing it , it became a thing for me to wish people ‘love in its truest and purest of forms’ .
    ‘Love, Rosie’ is probably one of favourite movies ever!!!
    Beautiful post!

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  5. okay

    I’m into romance movies.

    watched 5 of the movies
    seeing the remaining 5 ASAP

    I’d rephrase your line

    when love finds you,think bout it twice

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