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Double Delicacy: Blazing Through The storm + 5 Must Haves This Season.

Double the spice, double the variety.

Hey guys, it feels like forever and it has indeed been forever. How have you all been?

I think I should change my name to Blazer Connoisuer because it seems that is all I’m good at wearing lately.

So this post is a 2 in one. First off, I’ll be discussing this look and then…*Drum Rolls* The 5 must haves for every wardrobe (male and female).

On Saturday, I had this Business Summit to attend in school and there was a lot of hype to it and actual content that I knew I couldn’t miss out on. So, your girl had to show up and SHOW UP (if you know what I mean).

I knew I wanted to wear a blazer but I didn’t know how I wanted to combine it. I was torn between pants and a skirt; as if you’ve been on Instagram I’ve become a mini skirt lover which was in accordance with my 2019 fashion goals, to do things differently.

There were 3 options of what can be worn underneath a blazer and it’s either a camisole for females or a tan for the males, a turtleneck or a shirt. Camisole seemed too predictable so that was crossed out my list, the shirt didn’t see reasonable with the weather so I was left with a turtleneck.

Plot twist: I do not own a turtleneck. Wild right? I couldn’t get one on such short notice as well. The closest top that could pass for a turtleneck top was in a contrasting colour with the blue blazer. So no.

I remembered this high neck white blouse I have, so it’s a go. My very ripped washed out blue denim fit in and the very first time I put them on together while in a rush to get to the event, it fit in so well.

My mum saw these shoes and thought of me and I can say that yesss she knows me so well because it fit into the colour palatte of the entire look.

My mini bag from miniso, padlock and key earrings, black rings , curled nail bracelet and I was good to go.

This look all came together in a minute or less as I didn’t think about it.

The white top complimented the white ripped part of the denim, the shoes complimented the pants and the bag complimented the shoes and the blazer. Wearing too-match colours is so 2008, even colour blocking became a thing in 2012 so who still wears matching colours in 2019. Switch it up!

Now to the second part of this post. The 5 must haves in my opinion for every one. I’d be giving the male versions so I don’t leave my male audience left out. You all matter to me.

1. Blazer.

Yes, yes, and yes again. Everyone must own at least one blazer in their wardrobe. It balances the divide between corporate and casual. It always fits in, never too serious or too laid down.

Read my previous post on Styling Blazers Here:

2. Denim Pants.

It’s 2019 and there are no rules. It could be bell pants, skinny, straight or whatever you find comfortable. But everyone must own at least one denim pants.

3. Brouges.

Brouges are what blazers are for clothes. The in-between. They look so smart, and sophisticated and upgrade every outfit they are worn with.

4. Mini Bag / Man Bag.

Mini Bags are so in season and for miniature lovers like me it’s a yes yes. The smaller the better. It’s so stylish and in trend. Man bags are so in too, opt for a leather classic man bag that goes for every look from the corporate to the smart casual and even Native attire.

5. Black Jewellery.

Could be a ring, a neck piece, bracelet or earring, ear cuffs, lapel, brooch, cufflinks black jewelleries are a thing now and should be tapped into. They are elegant, sophisticated, mature and give a classic look and feel when worn.

Would you be getting these must-haves? What are your thoughts guys let me know?


Hello. Welcome to my blog. This is where I let out my anger and frustration in other not to become a nuisance to the world. So let’s say it’s a win-win. Now, we can all hold hands and sing 'kumbaya'. Thanks for visiting, and I really hope you enjoyed it. Well, it’s not like you really have much of a choice hey. Love xx.

6 thoughts on “Double Delicacy: Blazing Through The storm + 5 Must Haves This Season.

      1. ☺☺I love your bracelet
        Helpful article 🙌
        I miss the event and I was in school😭😭😭


  1. #Fact.
    True talk.

    …but I am surprised you didn’t emphasize more on Wristwatch. (W2)
    For Me and many Males, W2 is a Must have.

    Leather, Chain, even Rubber-like brands like G-shocks.

    Many men feel incomplete when they go out without a Time piece.

    #Meanwhile, Kudos Dear on another carefully penned out piece.


  2. Nice one,still remember rooting for you as you pitched that day

    style was crazy cool,i was like this is chic

    and you added sth for the guys this time sha

    but the bag..smiles

    please give us a man’s bag next time

    how would you feel seeing me with a female bag

    Liked by 1 person

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