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5 Fashion Accessories You Should Spend Quality Money On.

Make it worth it.

For everyone, the necessities of life are in a scale of preference or available resources. Beyond this, there’s a similarity that binds us as human beings and that is the 5 basic amenities required to live and exist and that is.

Food, Water, Shelter, Clothing, Electricity.

In Fashion, there are 5 important things you should spend quality money on, or invest your resources on as they go a long way to save you the stress of frequent re-purchase.


5 Fashion Accessories You Should Spend Quality Money On

Buying quality shoes should be number one on every person’s list. Fashionista or not. We walk on and with Shoes or Footwears at least almost everyday of our lives and so they are often stretched. Look out at for shoes with solid soles and make with good quality and durable fabric or material. Sometimes quality shoes aren’t always as expensive as we think, you would need to take a second look at them. An example of affordable, quality shoes are thrifted shoes. Trusted brand names can be found when thrifting, and to think that it’s been previously worn and still looks good, best believe it serve for a long time.

Invest in good shoes, and stop replacing your soles or sowing up holes every 2 weeks. Look out for unique designs and not the random, trendy stuff as they tend to not last.


5 Fashion Accessories You Should Spend Quality Money On

Time is money. I mean, literally. You don’t always have to go for the very big luxury brands buy what you can afford but make sure it’s of good quality. Affordable good quality watches could be gotten for about N10,000 – N25,000, and can be worn for years. Even a decade or more. Why buy a N45,000 Rolex that is fake when you can buy a good N15,000 watch? #ThinkAboutIt


I mean, who doesn’t want their shades to pop? If you have a great eye for detail, look out for pieces that are unique and have a distinct design; a classic piece with a twist in form of the texture of design, curvature of lens, shape etc. Remember to keep it stylish and stand out my people!


Statement jewellery is always a win-win. Jewellery tends to wash out easily or rust especially if they are not made of durable metals or materials. Invest in good jewellery pieces from your earrings, to neckpieces, cuffs, bracelets, rings, anklets, waist beads etc.


Looking good is good business and is very important. It’s best to invest in one good perfume than a bunch of low-end body sprays that don’t last for long. Always remember to carry a perfume in your purse, bag and car whenever you’re moving out.

As always, I loved loved making this post. Hope you found it helpful.

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