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Print-astic: A Guide To Pairing Prints.

The greater the risk, the greater the reward.

I’ve recently been inspired by celebrities coming out to talk about their imperfections and with the stories of suicides and depression that we hear everyday, it’s important that we all be kind to ourselves. Be first a pleasant person. Teach to correct and not to feel superior or to dominate. When people are wrong, let them know what they can do to improve on themselves.

That being said, I took a break for a while and let’s just say a lot happened. It’s almost like everything major in the fashion industry went down. From Rihanna starting out her luxury line with LVMH to the MET GALA 2019 which was well, what is usually is. As usual, we were all excited to see the looks from some of our favourite designers even though it was a difficult one to pull off seeing as alot struggled to interpret the theme ‘camp’.

Apart from that, well I’ve been good. Prioritizing self-care and listening to amazing podcasts , music and doing my part trying not to get overwhelmed with school work.


I decided that it was due and about time for a new blog post on pairing prints. Honestly before now, I don’t think I owned any prints. When I went shopping, it wouldn’t even occur to me to buy them. (I mean what happened to black and other dark colours?) But this year, as in my style resolutions, I’m trying out lots of new things and that includes prints.

I saw this top and even though it wasn’t originally my style, I found it cute. I already had this skirt which honestly I had nothing to pair it with. While purchasing the blouse, the skirt came to my mind and the first thing I did when I got home was to wear them together.


So here are some tips to pairing prints.

1.They have to be in the same colour spectrum or match:

It’s twenty-nineteen, no one wears ‘to-march’ anymore or as Phyno said ‘Nnanna yi to march’. Colours, patterns and prints that fall into the same hues or colour shades can work together. Cyan and olive green, lilac and nudes, burgundy and pink. As long you spot a colour on both prints that go together. That’s a good place to start.

2. Pair smaller prints with bolder prints:

If you have a bold stripe skirt for instance, it can be paired with a tiny polka dot blouse or vice versa. A large flower print as a blouse and a smaller print of flower or tiny stripes as a blazer. So when next time you want to wear prints, think ‘Small, Big’, ‘Big, Small’

3. Follow the pattern lines of symmetry:

For this look I put together, you would notice that the blouse had a vertical pattern of design. All the prints and flowers on the blouse were going downward or towards the ground.

Also, you would notice that the skirt I had on had pleats which was also in the direction that the patterns on the blouse was headed (downwards or towards the ground). It made the pairing co-ordinated as it looks well blended in and not distorted to the eyes. When you look at me, your eyes would go from up to down and you might not even notice that the skirt had a horizontal design in form of a twisted belt. But, if this skirt was a straight skirt or a full skirt, the horizontal pattern of the skirt would have been obvious thereby creating disorganization to the eyes.

4. More than two prints can be paired:

Pairing prints doesn’t always mean that it has to be just 2. As much as 4 prints can be worn but as long it is well co-ordinated, colours in the same spectrum are played around with and the symmetry is in check. An example is a plaid blazer worn with a tiny polka-dot silk shirt underneath, cargo pants in animal skin print, a hermes neck scarf, a fur bag and neutral shoes (preferably black). Now with this description it might look a bit too much but if these tips are taking into consideration thinking ‘Small, Big’, working with the lines, it will all come together.

5. Be confident:

When pairing prints, raise your shoulder up high and walk with a confident stride like nobody has anything on you. The major reason a vast majority are scared to pair prints are because they feel they look stupid or wearing off-colour, remember that FORTUNE FAVOURS THE BOLD.

Thank you all for reading. I hope you enjoyed this piece and I cannot wait to see you all confidently rocking your prints. Don’t forget to tag me anywhere or send me an email and I’ll reply.

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Love xx.

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8 thoughts on “Print-astic: A Guide To Pairing Prints.

  1. I enjoyed this. What a time for me to read this, I was about browsing on how to comine Ankara prints that don’t match for a photoshoot. Very useful👌

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  2. Hmm

    I’m not sure i am printastic ..maybe i could not relate to the prints in general because it was feminine but i got the style idea and color bonding

    my favorite part was the Confidence part!

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