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5 Reasons Why I Started Blogging.

‘Eyin Blogger Blogger’

This question has been lingering in my head for a while now and I thought to give answers to it here. Almost everyday, I seek to find purpose with whatever I’m doing or whatever I’ve put my hands to do, because it gives me clarity and better understanding of my personality and the values I consider a part of myself.

The blogosphere to be honest is not an easy one and I know I’ve gotten lots of people seeking for advice on how to start a blog, and the truth is- I always give them one word of advice – DON’T! Don’t get me wrong, it’s not like I’m trying to discourage anyone but it’s just to say that it isn’t just roses and sunshine, IT IS A LOT OF WORK. I usually ask them what they want to blog about and if I go through my social media and it doesn’t add up, I advice them to start talking about their interests on their social media first to build an audience, make videos, share tips in your captions, make your page interesting and interactive. So that way, when you eventually set up a blog, you don’t have to struggle to have an audience or get people interested in your content. Also, there are lots of creators doing amazing stuff on Social Media without owning a blog. Blogging requires consistency, originality and persistence. You have to think long and hard about it before you set up that blog link.


The first reason I started blogging was to have an avenue to express myself, my opinions and thoughts on events that happen around me. My first post was on Racism. Back then in 2013, I had just heard about WordPress and it seemed like the in-thing. Everybody on my BBM was posting and sharing links to their wordpress blogs, so I thought why not. One day, I just set up an account with wordpress and wrote my first post. I got lots of positive feedback from it, but looking back now, my writing was so tacky (the mess, chale) but back then I felt ontop of the world. I previously used to write a lot on my Facebook and my friends on there already knew that I was good at it. So it didn’t take long for people to start visiting the blog to check out my posts. Expression was the first drive, I just wanted to be heard, a safe place where I could pour out my heart without holding back. Expression meant freedom for me, and that’s what blogging gave me. I didn’t have to hold it in anymore.

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Not to say that I’m Sensei or something, but if you choose to call me that; I won’t hesitate *carries shoulders up*. I started out blogging because I love helping others out and sharing the knowledge of expertise I have on certain areas. The more we teach, the better we become.

I cannot describe the feeling I have when I get feedback from my viewers on how they incorporated some of the tips I gave into their life habits, personal style or took my advice on certain issues. It is bliss. I felt I should have an independent platform where I could teach and properly curate my content.


My dream job is to work as a storyteller in advertising, marketing & communication and product development. I naturally have a flair for it and it was only until recently that I found out the right name for all that I’ve been doing. Inmeforyou serves as a portfolio for future job opportunities and prospects, and you know the popular saying that opportunity meets preparation. So, even if it hadn’t happened yet, get prepared while you’re at it.

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Existing Gap

I noticed that there was an untapped opportunity with the kind of blogging and content that I wanted to create. For one, there was really no one in my environment and city doing the kind of blogging I was doing or wanted to do. I felt I had something to offer in terms of my experience from a small city and being one of he first few to go into lifestyle blogging here. It wasn’t well understood by a lot of people at first, my content that is. But I felt I could find the kind of content I wanted to consume online. So, might as well create it then.

To have fun.

It’s nothing too serious for real. But I genuinely just wanted to unwind and have fun. Something that keeps me going, and when I feel like I haven’t achieved much with my life, I read some of my old posts and think ‘girl, you gat this’.

Do you ever think you would go into blogging? What was your initial perception of blogging before now??


Hello. Welcome to my blog. This is where I let out my anger and frustration in other not to become a nuisance to the world. So let’s say it’s a win-win. Now, we can all hold hands and sing 'kumbaya'. Thanks for visiting, and I really hope you enjoyed it. Well, it’s not like you really have much of a choice hey. Love xx.

8 thoughts on “5 Reasons Why I Started Blogging.

  1. I once thought of blogging, just as a means to safe and explore my writings…

    You also made a post sometime, listing topics anyone would like to have a knowledge of. I chose to know something about ‘blogging’ (not so precise with the words).
    I still look forward to that. Thanks.

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  2. #Warning: Long reply alert.
    ***** ****
    You are doing one thing I love so much but feel so Lazy and busy to do “officially” now.

    You already know I am a Writer,

    Currently a self-styled Facebook Columnist who took a long-sabbatical from a Print Media career in search of greener pastures. Lol.

    Lately, I have allowed the many promptings of my regular audience on Facebook to get into me.
    I have been under serious pressure from some closed friends/Readers who are urging me to delve into Blogging.

    Some say I will make “so much money” from my writings. Lol.
    I feel flattered & really amused by such remarks.

    For me, writing is not really about the money.
    I basically express myself freely on issues, “purge” emotions, share experiences in life & also enlighten people.

    As you have rightly stated here in your post, Blogging demands #Consistency, #Originality and Persistence, I concur with you firmly and the consistency part is currently my setback. I fear my current tight schedule won’t give me that privilege.

    Also, I don’t think I will have the time to attend to the feedbacks because I value Feedbacks and Rejoinders on my posts. I always try to “Feed my Feedbacks”.

    When I am ready for the blog, I already know one person I will consult for Master-tuning – You, Ugonna.

    All thanks to you and your blog, I now have a little idea of how a Blog should look like by virtue of my long term Fanship of your style.

    Thanks for everything you have been doing for our generation, especially for us – your Fans/AC. Lol

    Reading You always inspires tenacity.

    Seeing how far You have come, really enkindles one’s Can-Do-Spirit.

    Keep the fire burning.
    (We are coming with our “mpanaka to murula oku” soon) Hahahaha

    Cheers Dear!!

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    1. Nnamdi!!! Thank you so so much for always being here to be honest, I appreciate it a lot. Yes, you do write very well. But as clearly stated by you, you’re not ready to start a blog yet. Don’t let the pressure from fans and/or readers get to you. Do it at your own time.

      I’m here whenever you need ‘master-tuning’. Lol. And I can see your new profile name. Wow. I am completely blown away. Thank you so much, again. The fire would always burn ❤


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