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Them vs Us.

The hardest pill for me to swallow was that people aren’t always sincere. For every single time that I let someone into my mental space, I don’t even want to think of the possibilities that they may be trying to take advantage of my vulnerability, just waiting for that low moment to strike.

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I wouldn’t describe myself as a good person or a nice person, but I’m a pleasant person. I always try to respect everyone, and so expect to be treated with the same respect. When asked a question, I answer as it is, and if I do not want to discuss it; I let that be known. The thought of lying seems exhausting and irrelevant. Who do you think you are to make me alter my experiences or view to suit your expectations or massage your ego. No! It’s never worth it.

And therefore whenever I start sensing lapses in anothers’ description or start noticing disjointedness in a story, honestly it breaks my heart and makes me miserable. Why are people shady? Why complicate life?

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Photography: Okanne Photography

Makeup: Queened Up

Styling: The Ugonna

To live your best life, you need to have a permanent filter for noise and opinions that make you lose your values, no matter how compromising the situation is. You must have heard this a couple of times but ‘Stand firm, love freely, give easily, lose joyfully, don’t hate’.

You can give nothing but love, and get everything hurtful and regretful back. But listen, it’s not your fault. You’re not doing anything wrong. It’s them, not you.

Also, if you’re afraid that there might be something in you attracting them, that’s falsified. Houseflies are attracted to neatly prepared meals too. Hence, it is what is.

Forgive all those who have hurt and lied to you. Don’t become them. Radiate from within. DON’T. HOLD. BACK.


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