HELLOOOOOOOOOOOOO IMFYlites, someone is excited at the moment and that happens to be..??? ME!!!.

The GIF above rightly describes my current mood, except that mine is happening all in my mind as I happen to be spending my weekend indoors, as always :). But there is good news though as I would be sharing my current jam which i have been feeling for the past two weeks which is highly unlike me, as I easily get tired of songs after a short while. Continue reading “WHAT SONGS ARE YOU VIBING TO THIS WEEKEND?”


“And still, after all this time, The sun never says to the earth, ‘You owe me’. Look what happens with a love like that, it lights the whole sky” Hafez

Finally I have decided to complete this, as I have been procrastinating for quite a while now. I felt a stronger urge to complete this after a fellow blogger and colleague in school (aladyandlife.blogspot.com) tagged me on a post on Facebook where she wrote that she wanted to share hers. I felt really disappointed in myself for not completing mine, and on the other hand proud too, that I inspired her to start hers. Continue reading “COMPLETING MY DAYS OF GRATITUDE.”

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My Top 12 Nigerian Songs Of The Moment

Hi, hi, hi guys and girls, and women and men, and children, toddlers. Hey there!

Today I would be doing something different. RecentIy I have been feeling some Naija songs and have been constantly jamming to them, so today I decided to share some of these songs. Anyone who knows me or lives with me knows how much I over-play new songs till I start to hate them. Not really hate hate them. More like they start to irritate my ears.

Some of them are really popular songs almost everyone knows, and is often heard on the streets. While some are not so popular, but really good stuff.

So I would be doing it in a descending manner i.e least favourite to my most favourite. Leggo! Continue reading “My Top 12 Nigerian Songs Of The Moment”

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Day 5: What Sound Are You Grateful For?

Hey guys. It’s my 5th day of my 30 day of gratitude, and I would be sharing what sound I am so grateful for.Yas!!!

But before then, a little something.

The best lessons to be learnt as a human are those we’ve taught ourselves as a result of our experiences.

Another apology on how  inconsistent I’ve been with my 30 days of Gratitude. I should probably just wrap it up all in one day.

Anyways, today I would be sharing the sounds that I am very grateful for.  Continue reading “Day 5: What Sound Are You Grateful For?”