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Hey IMFY Fam. Guess whaaatt???



I have a new series coming up on the blog and it begins today. It would run for quite a while depending on some factors such as my content calendar and engagement.

The Crushes Gone Wrong series is dedicated to sharing stories of some of our crushes which well were not successful. And by successful, I mean the person noticed you, liked you back, then…xysjekw$$×#÷^&*÷wdsmf. You know the rest!

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I Think Am In Love With My Mirror.

Is this weird?

I know this sounds a bit narcissistic, but who cares.

Beneath all our humility and struggle to appear as selfless as possible. Deep down, down, beneath all that mass of niceness, cuteness and selflessness, there’s a selfish, narcissistic piece of shit, crap guy there. And sometimes, it shows, and you can’t help it.

Back to me.

I look at you and all I see is an angel, a queen. I see an extraordinary being who is divine and has the perfect body and skin. I see flawlessness and beauty. Then, my confidence is boosted. Continue reading “I Think Am In Love With My Mirror.”